Why do people prefer to play on their mobile phones?

We don’t need research to show that people prefer playing casino games on their mobiles. The reason is quite simple: smartphones take over the market. People use their smartphones for everything they want, from communication, to social media interaction, photographs, purchases, and everything that has to do with technology, so why not play at an online casino? They are easy to carry, everyone knows how to use them, and they are powerful enough to support the latest apps.

Everything started in 2011 when Apple allowed online casino applications on their online store. So, from that point, the games were available, and users downloaded them massively. When Google Play realized the trend, they did the same. However, the online casinos were far ahead as they predicted that the future would be in smartphones, so they had made mobile-friendly websites, and the new online casinos followed in their footsteps.

Adult mobile users globally come in at more than 80%, according to recent studies. Online casino players are under 35, which makes total sense as the new generation is more into technology than the older one who prefer to play traditionally in a land-based casino. Other studies say 40% of online users prefer smartphones, while 60% are still using their PCs. However, these numbers will change soon as there is a prediction that the percentages will be even by the end of next year for many reasons.

It is much easier to play games on your mobile because you can carry it everywhere you are. During your way to work, at your breaks, when you walk in the park, as long as you have an internet connection, you can play your favourite games. 

Another thing that makes the smartphone more comfortable to use for a broader audience is the touchscreen. All the gaming providers already know this, and they have adjusted accordingly. 

You don’t need to have multiple accounts to play. You can use any device, and you can log in to your favourite online casino as long as you have made a registration.

If you are into live betting, you can keep up with scores and the matches better than just staying at home looking at the screen. 

The game providers do their best to offer high quality graphics and they have a whole team of developers, designers, affordable seo, and marketing specialists to offer the best experience to the players. 

The casinos also love to offer gifts to the mobile users like free spins, and they allow the players to play the games in demo mode so they can learn the rules and train before they use real money.

Here is a list of the free casino games that you can play on Android.

25-in-1 Casino: This app not only includes casino games but sports bets as well, so you don’t have to download a separate application. 

Huuuge Games: This app is focused on slot games, but it also has solitaire and bingo games if you want a break.

Big Fish Games: One of the biggest developers in casino games on Google Play. They have all the popular games and boast large winnings.

Casino Frenzy: It offers what other online casino apps offer and includes hourly bonuses.

Full House Casino: Slots are the main category of this app, while it has other games like roulette, bingo, blackjack, and baccarat. It offers bonuses are well. 

Blackjack by Tripledot Studios: This app is for people who only want to play blackjack and it offers chips and bonuses.

Lucky Win Casino: All of your favourite games are in this app. Slots, Texas hold’em, and blackjack. You gather chips, and you can send them as gifts to your online friends.  

World Series of Poker: This app is played by thousands of players who have profiles and participate in online contests and tournaments. 

GSN Grand Casino: It offers online bonuses, and it has slots, video poker, and video bingo.

Zynga casino games: This application has many slot games, and it also has the popular Zynga Poker. The rules are easy; you spin and hope that you will win.