Business and finances are now manageable and scaleable through your phone

The 90’s kids lived through a period where computer technologies advanced quickly and changed the way we communicate and live. Soon after, mobile phones hit the market and – as we perform more and more of our tasks on phones – it’s looking to completely take over our business and finance management requirements.

I truly can’t imagine going back to the old days – when you had to go into the bank to sort your finances out. Banking over the phone was the first change, but it still involved a laborious security process and a lot of talking through. Now, with a secure app on your phone, you can do all your banking and finance requirements in seconds. Shifting money around, paying people, setting up standing orders and cancelling direct debits – it’s all so simple and easy. In addition to banking apps, there’s also apps to help you save pocket money, add money to your ISA or to invest cash in stocks and shares.

The investment companies are now looking to enhance their services and Robinhood, rated one of the best investing apps along with others, is completely changing the dynamics of investment portfolio management. If you know what you’re doing, you can see just how your investment is performing while you’re in the library, or on the bus.

All financial and banking organisations have had to make the shift to mobile. It’s been harder for some than others. PayPal led the way, whilst the traditional high-street banks struggled to keep up with the move to “instant financial access”.It was never easy or budget-friendly for these banks and other companies to make this complete shift, but they were forced due to the amount of customers switching to “internet banks” which could provide them with the user experience and speedy smartphone-based service they expected and wanted.

Business mobile apps are the future 

In addition to banks, other businesses are having to adapt. They can no longer just rely on setting up a shop and advertising in the local newspaper. We’re seeing a big increase in apps being built for restaurants, estate agents, shops and everything in-between.

Adopting and changing is important in any industry, so smartphone apps which help you book a table at a local restaurant or perform a “click and collect” at a hardware store are in demand by customers Most of the Enterprise Resource Planning Software’s now come with their mobile application version so that the system can operate effectively on the go.

Inside the business, there’s also a range of applications which will help you run and grow your business. Along with the customer-facing apps, there’s also task management applications to help you control a team of any size. With these, you can conveniently assign tasks and monitor them – checking on progress and handling customer expectations. The applications keep reminding your staff what needs to be done at what time.

Satisfaction for all stakeholders

The beauty of these mobile applications is that it they’ve resulted in the satisfaction of all the stakeholders – the customers effectively. Whether you consider a team member, manager, owner, or work in teams, each of them is also helped to do their job thanks to mobile business management apps. It is convenient and offers flexibility – you can manage things from wherever you are.

As a salesperson, you might still use a pen and paper to make notes and write your sales orders, but these can get lost and mistakes can be made. Custom mobile applications can give you the same solution but with a lot more accuracy and an instant response.

Look into your business and see if there’s any areas where manual intervention is happening. Look at the potential problems and delays – see if they can be resolved with a simple app which is either available on the market now or available to develop.

The mobile phone in front of you isn’t just for browsing Facebook and replying to the odd email – it can do so much more. Investigate the power you can unlock!