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Why I moved to a Surface Pro 3

I have been dabbling in tablets for a while now. It all started when the first gen iPad hit the shelves in the UK. Now, whilst all these tablets are great and they all performed admirably during the time I had them, my needs have quite simply

Bought the Linx tablet and had trouble browsing?

If you managed to get the Linx 8 Windows 8.1 tablet from Sainsburys recently then you’ll know just how cheap it was. The 32GB 8″ tablet has an Intel quad core CPU, 1GB RAM and WiFi, Bluetooth, two cameras etc. Trouble is, if you unboxed it and

A look at the Aspire Switch 10

Acer have sent us to Edinburgh and have loaned us a number of devices – the Acer Liquid Leap (a fitness band), the Acer Liquid Jade (a shockingly slender smartphone), the Iconia Tab 8 and the device I’m using to type this out – the Aspire Switch

Argos to start selling budget Windows phones and tablets

Who doesn’t love Argos, particularly the newly revamped shops with annoying and hard to use touchscreen ordering iPads?  Now the favourite of the High Street has started to sell Bush Windows phones and tablets. These are no high-end models but are firmly entrenched at the budget end of the

Windows 9 anyone?

Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that, in the future, it is aiming for a unified OS, be it for phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.  Windows 9, or ‘Threshold’ as it is being referred to, is widely expected to be shown off to the world at

New Archos devices to be revealed next week

Ever since Microsoft released details of the 8.1 OS update it has been possible for OEMS to not only install Windows Phone onto existing Android handsets (as has happened with the HTC One M8), but it has also ensured that budget phones can be produced as the fees

Microsoft Surface 2 price reduction at Tesco

  One of the great things about supermarkets nowadays is that you might simply pop in with the intention of buying a pint of milk and some scampi fries, but you can easily leave having spent lots of money on electronic bargains.  Case in point, Tesco has reduced

Can surface keep up with the changing Microsoft?

Surface… No longer is it the large boardroom/restaurant table. It’s that small tablet sized computer we now hold in our hands. Ever since it launched it has been something you either love or hate and sadly it may not survive too much longer if Microsoft continues the

Nokia Lumia 2520 chopped down in price, but be quick

If you’ve just read our Lumia 2520 review and want to buy it, head down to the “not really known for their bargain prices”-store that it John Lewis. They’re taking a whacking great £150 off the Lumia 2520 for the next few days only. This will drop

UnoTelly – Streaming service review

One thing we are not short of is apps or services that stream TV channels. The problem is that many of these are tied to your location. For instance, I can easily watch live World Cup games using TVCatchup, the BBC iPlayer or ITV players apps. Upon visiting the US

Lumia 830 images leaked.

According to Chinese social network Web, these leaked images are of the New Nokia Lumia 830 Windows Phone. Design wise the device looks very much similar to the latest Lumia devices with capacitive hardware buttons in the bottom. Ith as a aluminum frame around it with polycarbonate

Microsoft Surface 2 with 4G – Review

Windows RT is an interesting creature, some wonder why it exists, some love it for its limited nature and some like me now and again get a device running Windows RT and just try to get on with life using the tools provided. The Surface 2 4G price

Nokia 2520 charger trouble

The Nokia 2520 is Nokia’s 10″ tablet running Windows 8 RT and so far has been doing reasonably well but it is has now run into a bit of trouble, in that the chargers have the potential to cause an electric shock. Nokia have advised that 30,000

My time with the Hanns.G HT231 23″ LED monitor

Touchscreens have become part of my life, be it in my pocket, on my wrist, my laptop, my tablet, trying to order foreign train tickets on holiday, controlling the music in my house and amazingly up until now not on my desktop PC. Well sort of anyway,

Lenovo Yoga 2 11″ – Review

In my continued hunt for the ideal tablet/laptop I’ve stumbled into the fascinating world of the flexible Lenovo Yoga 2, it’s an 11″ touchscreen bendable flexible hybrid. I mainly use Windows 8 devices like large tablets that you can run normal desktop apps on when the store

Nokia Lumia 2520 – Review

The rumours surrounding a Nokia tablet have been floating around the web for a while now, the big questions for me were always how big will it be and what operating system will it run. Well late last year those questions were answered and now we have

Want a Lumia 1520 but worried by the size?

For those of you out there who want the Lumia 1520 but are little bit “size conscious” then worry not. Nokia have got you covered if these shots are to be believed. What you are looking at may be the Lumia 1520 z. These leaks come from

Nokia event at MWC 2014 announced

So the build up to MWC 2014 begins and Nokia are fresh off the plate with their announcement of an event. It is to be held on Monday February the 24th @ 7:30am UK time. We will have a team at the conference so will be bringing

Acer announce a whole load of stuff prior to CES

Acer have their fingers in all sorts of pies, they make decent laptops, monitors, tablets and even phones. Next week at CES they’ve got their new products on hand for the world to see and this week they’ve released the info and some images on the whole

Rumour – Microsoft considering free Windows Phone version

Windows Phone, as an OS, has a cost attached to it. It’s an actual financial cost that needs to be paid by manufacturers who use the mobile OS. Trouble is, Microsoft have just bought the phone-making side of Nokia, and guess who provided the bulk of their