CES – Asus unveil the new Chi lineup

Asus have been busy out in the desert today, not just with the announcement of the new Zenfone Zoom and Zenfone 2,:) but with the announcement of the new Transformer Book Chi range.

CES   Asus unveil the new Chi lineup

T90 Chi

The range will come in three sizes and with differing specs for each size. The one I am most interested in, and the one I think that will be most interesting to you the reader, is the T90 Chi.

As you can imagine this comes with a 8.9″ screen at a resolution of 1920 x 800. It has the Intel Atom Baytrail Z3775 CPU at its core. This has been proven to be a reasonable processor in many machines including the Acer Aspire Switch 10. Leigh tested this on his journey to Edinburgh (that device had the less powerful chip in it). The ASUS tablet is coming in at 7.5mm thick, which is awesome for a Windows tablet and is by far the thinnest I have seen to date. Even when you add the Bluetooth-enabled keyboard dock it is still thinner that the Macbook air at 16.5mm. The whole machine weighs in at 750 grams when docked and 400 grams when undocked.

The device will come with a free Office 365 home licence, as is the norm for these mini Windows tablets, but unlike the cheap devices you may be seeing (such as the HP Stream 11), it will have 2 GB RAM and 64gb storage. Starting price is $299.

CES   Asus unveil the new Chi lineup

T100 Chi

ASUS also announced the T100 Chi, which is the slightly larger device. It has the same spec but a bigger screen and a keyboard that physically docks.

CES   Asus unveil the new Chi lineup

T300 Chi


The high-end T300 Chi will come with much higher specs and is more of a laptop replacement than the others. It has a new Core M chip at its heart alongside a 128GB SSD it is also available with a 2K screen. This machine still comes in at a featherweight of 1.4kg and still only 16.5mm thick.

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