Want a Lumia 1520 but worried by the size?

For those of you out there who want the Lumia 1520 but are little bit “size conscious” then worry not. Nokia have got you covered if these shots are to be believed.

Want a Lumia 1520 but worried by the size? Want a Lumia 1520 but worried by the size?

What you are looking at may be the Lumia 1520 z. These leaks come from China and do hold some water with MWC coming up and Nokia having already announced that they are holding a big event there.

Also this looks very similar specs-wise to the USA Nokia icon that is due to launch in the very near future

Rumoured specs are said to be very good and not much has been lost from its big brother, with a 4.45” display at 1280 x 768 pixels. This means a 720p resolution and 2,370mAh battery. The camera will also drop down to a 14 megapixel but still retain its Pureview status allowing you to still use Nokia’s brilliant camera interface.

This would be a very nice replacement for the aging 920/925 series but will not be a flagship product as I would expect the Lumia 1020 to remain for the next few months at least.

Via www.wpbar.cn

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