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Fields of Battle – Paintball without the Pain

Fields of Battle is a FPS with a slight twist, rather then being a simulation of modern warfare of a historic battlefield it’s a simulation of everyone’s favourite ‘knee deep in mud’ pass time activity – Paintball. Paintball has always enjoyed immense popularity, combining pseudo battle tactics,

Take vocal control of your phone with Commandr

There’s just something about the idea of being able to talk to your phone to make it do stuff which captures the imagination. It’s the sort of thing that makes you want to test all the things which are to do with voice commands… if only it

UnoTelly – Streaming service review

One thing we are not short of is apps or services that stream TV channels. The problem is that many of these are tied to your location. For instance, I can easily watch live World Cup games using TVCatchup, the BBC iPlayer or ITV players apps. Upon visiting the US

Dubstep Hero Review

I’m sure we’ve all had those visits to the services on the motorway. Usually, in between a coffee and a quick “comfort break” you’ll see one of those “Dancing Stage” machines. Perhaps, if you’re on a night out and had a few “shandies”, you’ll probably try and

Clauncher – The new “Beautiful Launcher” for Android

Did you wake up this morning and think… My phone isn’t as beautiful as it could be, old fashioned icons, boring skins and themes from your phones manufacturer.  Well if you did then “CLauncher” could be for you. CLauncher is a relatively new launcher for android phones

Tipping Point for iOS – is there a point?

Tipping Point is a game show on ITV. This app is the game of the show, released on both Android and iOS, though this review refers specifically to the iOS version, priced at £1.49.   The object of the game is really rather simple – contestants have

CoPilot on test

So just to set my stall out, pre-Lumia and “Here”, I used CoPilot. It was one of the most feature-packed and reasonably-priced navigation products for Windows Mobile at the time. So here we are on a new platform – Windows Phone. It’s the same product and of

Recovering lost data with MobiSaver.

Everyone must know that horrible sinking feeling when you’ve accidentally deleted something. It’s worse on phones, as there’s usually some pretty personal information on there such as photos, text messages and music. Imagine you’ve just lost some data. Whether it be an accidental deletion or someone resetting

Android App Review – Recent (file manager assistant)

Naming an app must be a difficult task, if I was tasked to do that I’d be there for weeks thinking and thinking what to call it. So I can entirely understand what the confusingly named Recent is all about. Picture the scene, you have taken a

Android App Review – Focus photo sharing

Don’t you just hate it when you hand your phone to a friend to have a look at a picture you’ve taken and they then start looking through the rest of your shots? Well there’s an app for that now. Focus photo sharing deals with this exact

Android App Review – Skiplock

If you’re using today’s super powerful smartphones like me, you are now carrying everything in your pocket, your bank details, your social networks and normally some irreplaceable photo’s of loved ones. So your phone should have some kind of password/PIN/pattern/facelock protection to stop unwanted eyes to getting to

Review – My iStory

If you’ve read my review of the HTC One or HTC One mini then you’ll know how much I love the “video montage” feature. It bundles together photos you’ve taken into a fun movie that will help you remember all those little moments from your day. If

Android app review – ScreenshotCleaner

ScreenshotCleaner is a handy little app for bloggers and developers alike. As a blogger I take a lot of screenshots on my phone which, obviously, always have the status bar on. This isn’t really a problem, but often it has notifications and icons that are irrelevant and

Android App Review – Smart IR Remote

Having an infra red blaster on my phone has recently become something that I can really appreciate. The app offerings from HTC, LG and Samsung are a bit basic or they get bogged down with TV listings and the like. What I wanted was something I could

Cuebox 3D Pool Game Review

As if playing pool in two dimensions isn’t hard enough, there is now 3D Pool. This is definitely a game that will test your mental acuity and give that redundant geometry knowledge a workout. As you can imagine from the title, the game is based around a

Truphone -an app, unique sim and MVNO

Truphone specialize in cheap or free international calls. A common claim in the current global telecoms market. But Truphone are a little different. They are an MVNO, they produce their own specialized sim card which can use multiple international numbers simultaneously and they make the oldest VoIP

Umbrella 8 Weather app

  One type of app that there seems to be a never ending supply of, on every platform, is weather apps. Some are better than others and some stand out. Umbrella 8 is a weather app for Windows phone that falls into the later category. Lots of apps

Quad Drawer, the quick app drawer – Android App Review

Level Up Studios have got into the app drawer market with the idea of revolutionising the Android icon grid. Have they made the must have launcher add-on of the decade, or are they trying to fix something that just ain’t broke? You may have heard of Level

6tag – Instagram app for Windows Phone 8 now available

6tag, the new Instagram client for Windows Phone by renowned developer Rudy Huyn is now available from the Marketplace. Any Windows Phone user knows the ongoing saga of no official Instagram app on the platform, so 3rd party apps have to fill the gap for now. 6tag

Android App Review – Neon Alarm

Good alarms are hard to find… If it doesn’t work properly, or have the necessary functionality then no matter how pretty the app is, or whether the app conforms to the Holo style guide, its dead to me. Enter Neon Alarm. Good Points It is pretty intuitive.

Android app review – Touchnote

Touchnote is the popular send-a-postcard-from-your phone service. This article deals with the mechanics of the app, my experience of the app and some details of the company behind it including some feedback directly from Touchnote. This review is based on my use of the application on a

Yep, yuilop: messaging for free

Forget WhatsApp, leave Viber alone, and move along Google Hangouts. Yep, yuilop is here to let you talk, text, message and group chat as much as you want. For FREE! Wellll, almost. When you hear something that’s surely too good to be true, you have to wonder,

Android App Review – ActiveNotification

The upcoming US only Motorola Moto X has quite a few nice software features. In my eyes the rather fancy lockscreen notifications are a great idea, allowing you to quickly see what the latest notification is without having to turn your phone on. As I have a

Despicable Me: Minion Rush App Review

Fans of Despicable Me, listen up! As is so common with new movie releases nowadays, the makers behind Despicable Me have released a mobile game. Do you also like Temple Run? Blimey, this is your special day! Gameplay The game see’s your character taking on loads of

Windows RT & Windows Phone game review – Halo – Spartan Assault

For what may be the first time ever in the history of Windows Phone gaming, Microsoft have an exclusive. Halo – Spartan Assault has arrived on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT before any other platform. In the same way that previous Halo games only ever appeared on Xbox.