Fancy a scenic 3D strategy experience? Give Galaxy Control a try

Fancy a scenic 3D strategy experience? Give Galaxy Control a try
I have literally no free time, so to get sucked into a 3D strategy game is a surprise to me. Here Galaxy Control appears to have done just that. If you’ve played Clash of Clans then you’ll feel at home here, because it’s a similar feel – albeit in space.

This is a space combat strategy game with some hugely impressive 3D graphics. Despite the word “strategy” it really isn’t boring tjamls tp combat sequences which are smooth and quick. However, I know what you’re all thinking. We live in a world where the attention span of many potential players can be quite short, so getting started in a world of space strategy an be a big ask. Luckily, when you start, there’s some helpful tutorials that pop up. These will gently guide you through and get you deeper into the game and the more intricate parts without you actually realising.

You’ll begin by meeting Jim, a space engineer who will guide you through the production of soldiers and how your base works. Plus, something which impressed me, was the fact that you could speed up some sections and construct buildings quickly. To zip through things and get rewards you can either purchase them or earn them by signing in with Google+, sharing on your social networks and logging in frequently. It’s a free-to-play game, but you should note that in-app purchases are available too. They range from £3.99 – £79.99 per item.

The graphics and the combat sequences were particularly good, and I even found myself sitting back to watch the explosions. Whilst extracting uranium and scooping up minerals might not sound thrilling, getting your missile turrets, cannons and lasers setup actually (strangely) is, and you can also battler with others through an online multiplayer system too.

Fancy a scenic 3D strategy experience? Give Galaxy Control a try

Growing your army, and fighting off attacks, becomes a little addictive. There’s 11 unique ground and air units and you can switch to campaign mode with 30 missions to choose from. You also get the chance to unlock 25 achievements and goals.

Overall it’s a game that’ll suck you in without you actually realising. You quickly get used to the controls and how best to get ahead in the game, plus it’s all really beautiful to look at. It’s available for iOS and Android.

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