Skyscanner Flights – A real world test

Skyscanner Flights   A real world test

What with the delightful weather we are having here in the UK, you may not have noticed that it is, in fact… summer. Do you feel that you need to get a bit of sun on your bones, or you fancy whisking your loved one away on a romantic break away from the kids?

Well, if either of these are on your agenda then here is an app that will help you get your wish.

The app we’re looking at is Skyscanner Flights, and it is brilliant. I have been using Skyscanner for a few years now and I can see how it has evolved over that time, from a very basic app to one that now becomes a quick and easy way to get to where you are going. It is available across all the main platforms and also exists as web version in case you are using a device that doesn’t support apps. Here, I’m going to look at the Android version on a tablet.

Let’s look at a real world example then. IFA is coming up at the beginning of Sept and I have been looking into the possibility of going, chiefly to allow me to cover all the goodies that are going to be announced. Now, I am going to need some flights as it is in Berlin. I could go onto Trivago or any of the other search sites, but that will involve me sifting through loads of rubbish and a raft of not-particularly-useful info before I get what I’m looking for.

So as you can see, I fired up the Skyscanner flights app and punched in what I need.
Skyscanner Flights   A real world test

As I have been using the app for some preliminary flight research it has remembered this as I have logged in.
Skyscanner Flights   A real world test

I’m using the app on a tablet, so the search reveals a nicely laid out screen with my preferences on the side and all the flight info in the main section. A similar search on phone rather than tablet looks slightly different (see below), but generally the same idea.

Skyscanner Flights   A real world test

Let’s keep on going on the tablet for now though. I want a direct flight and it’s pretty easy to just select the option on the filter list off to the side.
Skyscanner Flights   A real world test

And there we have a flight direct from Glasgow to Berlin, it is really that easy to find them. From here I click on the selected flight and the app will take me to the relevant airline’s site to book, for free and without any commission charged to me, the traveller. The whole process takes minutes and is easy to do with minimal usage of data to gain the information.

Skyscanner Flights   A real world test

The above is the basic functionality of the app. It does however have some other very clever features. So I don’t really want to book the flight right now but I do want to know if there are any changes to the price. The app allows me to ‘watch’ this flight and it’ll then notify me of any changes on either my phone or my tablet.

Skyscanner Flights   A real world test

It will also allow me to see all the prices across different days, so if cost is a factor I can assess the cheapest times to fly. As cost is a factor for me booking this trip this is very useful and I can see that from me changing my days slightly I can save £25. Unfortunately I can’t get the time out of the office and the wife will want me to return asap after the event ends, but oh well. Moving on!

So there we have it, the Skyscanner flights app in all its glory. I personally find this app really useful and when I do finalise my plans for IFA I will most certainly be using it for my bookings. Next up I need to find somewhere to stay for a week!


I wonder who can help me with that….

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