I think I’ve got the Weather Bug

As much as I hate to admit it, we’re now definitely in the Autumn. The leaves are falling off the trees and I can no longer sit outside the pub without several coats on. It’s a bit naff, but if you time the weather right, there’s still the odd chance of a clear and sometimes pretty mild day.

I think Ive got the Weather Bug

After returning from America on a recent holiday, I found that one app had stuck on my phone. It’s called WeatherBug, and it includes radar, wind chill, heat index, pollen levels and humidity information. In Florida the weather can change quickly, and the forecast from last night can change very quickly by the next morning. Plus, with the dangerous hurricanes blowing through the region lately it’s important to have an app that plugs into the National Weather Service.

First up, there’s a location and alerts manager so that you can sort your favourite locations, choose which ones should alert you and rename or reorder them.

I think Ive got the Weather Bug

The main screen gives you a great snapshot of what’s happening in the location you’ve chosen or the one you’re in now. It’ll show the wind speed, direction and this info also gets displayed on your lock screen or in a separate widget if you wish too. Likewise, that small Google Map image you can see on the lower left can be clicked on to show exactly where the clouds are. You can add additional layers on to switch over to radar, storms and – if you wish – even the traffic on the roads too.

I think Ive got the Weather Bug

This main screen can be adjusted if you wish and the map can be switched out for a local weather camera if there’s one available. Click on the little edit button and you can add various types of content such as the pollen count, lightning, future forecasts and
more. Each location can have a custom layout so, if you’re heading somewhere which has a lot of storms or you’re near the coast, it can show that sort of information for you instead.

Meanwhile, the settings is where you can adjust the units (MPH, KPH, Knots or MPS), colours, refresh rates and you can also adjust the notifications too. There’s so much stuff you can adjust, and it’ll show you local lightning, temperature, precipitation, wind chill, heat
index, humidity and the dew point. You can even adjust the brightness of the layers to suit.

Get the Android or iPhone version and give it a spin yourself.