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Facebook Messenger Now Does SMS

Are you someone who lives in Facebook Messenger? Would you like to spend even more time in the app? Well after the latest app update, you can now set Facebook Messenger to be your default SMS app (if you are on Android). For now iOS users can’t

Facebook thinks that looking at kids sexually is fine

That’s a rather blunt and shocking headline, but it’s sadly true. Well done to the BBC for blowing the lid on this. As I’ve mentioned time and time and time again, big social websites couldn’t give a flying fig about you or your kids. They don’t. I’m

Instagram for Windows Phone gets updated

Recently Instagram added a new feature to its Android and iOS in the form of Instagram Direct, which allows you to send images to specific people and not make them public. The Windows Phone version wasn’t updated at the time and guess what? Yes you’re right, they’ve

Instagram announce Instagram Direct

Instagram is rather popular these days, now available on most platforms (even including Windows Phone). It’s a photo sharing service that allows you to post pictures and images and your followers can see them, but what if you have a photo you only want to share with

Instagram for Windows Phone is finally available

The day has finally come, the day that non Windows Phone fans have to search for another app to cite as their reason for not being able to get on with Windows Phone. Yes Instagram is now available for Windows Phone. But as is often the way,

Instagram gets the iOS7 treatment

Instagram has become the latest iOS app to be updated with a new flat interface to match iOS7. The most noticeable, and beneficial, change is images and videos now cover the full width of the screen, which is nice improvement, especially as it is coupled with higher

Instance v2 beta released

Popular Instagram client for Windows Phone Instance has had the beta of v2 released. Instance was the first Instagram app for Windows Phone to allow uploads and registrations, and is a very good Instagram app. V2 has seen the whole interface overhauled, and very nice it looks

6tag – Instagram app for Windows Phone 8 now available

6tag, the new Instagram client for Windows Phone by renowned developer Rudy Huyn is now available from the Marketplace. Any Windows Phone user knows the ongoing saga of no official Instagram app on the platform, so 3rd party apps have to fill the gap for now. 6tag

Instagram is deleting Instance uploads

Ok, this is annoying! It seems that Instagram is actively monitoring and deleting images uploaded from the excellent 3rd party Instagram app for Windows Phone. The developer of Instance is at a bit of a loss as to how Instagram are tracking the images, as can be

Instance reduced in Windows Phone Marketplace

Instance, the truly excellent Instagram app for Windows Phone is temporarily on offer in the Windows Phone Marketplace. For the time being it is available for the bargain price of 79p Formally known as “Itsdagram”, Instance allows you to: Register for an Instagram account, upload photos, see &

Itsdagram is back on the Windows Phone Store

Last Sunday my world was turned upside down. There was another Instagram app for Windows Phone 8 available. Even though I could post on my Android devices I just had to have this. I duly paid for the app and realised it was just a beta. It

Instagram introduces “Photos of you”

Instagram, the photo sharing app has announced a new feature. Billed as “Photos of You” the feature now allows users to tag photos, either with names or brands.  These photos will then show up in the Photos of you section of your profile. Notifications are sent when

Advertising companies to steal our Instagram photos! Probably not…

You’ll remember a little while ago Instagram tried to amend their Terms Of Service and the whole internet went crazy. Indeed so did I! The mistake I made though was that I hadn’t properly read the wording for myself and had laid all my faith in another sites interpretation.

Another Instagram app coming to Windows Phone soon

The excitement/fuss about Instagram for Windows Phone will just not go away. Itsdagram is a bit different to the other recent Instagram third party apps though. Itsdagram is coming soon to Windows Phone and it will allow you to do everything you’d want to do with an

Instagram complete massive U-turn

Following the back-lash from users, photo-tweaking-and-sharing site Instagram has now returned to their original terms and conditions. A blog post has been added which states…. The concerns we heard about from you the most focused on advertising, and what our changes might mean for you and your

Instagram offer a clarification, I offer an apology

Yesterday I wrote a piece about how Instagram was planning to sell off your wonderful photos to advertisers, paying you nothing in compensation. You can read that by going here. I’d like to issue a bit of an apology and tell you what has really happened. I

Instagram want to sell your photos, but you wont get a cut

The popular photo sharing app Instagram has updated it’s Terms of Use to include a few lines that are rubbing quite a lot of it’s users the wrong way. To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions, you agree that a business may pay