OnePlus Lite on the way?

OnePlus have recently given us two absolutely gorgeous phones in the shape of the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, but not everyone wants to spend several hundred pounds on a phone.

With technology advancing, a sub £250 phone can now give a very respectable performance and it’ll have some very decent specs inside too. So, with the likes of Honor and Huawei now forced into trying to sell phones without Google Play. The replacement store, named “App Gallery” is really far behind in terms of app availability and delivery.

So, if OnePlus can deliver more affordable phones, which will (as usual) come with Google Play and everything else, it could give them the competitive edge.

Today, we’ve spotted a new Instagram account for OnePlus, called “OnPlusLiteZThing”. Make of that what you will, but we think there’ll be some news coming up very soon. More as we get it.