Instagram is deleting Instance uploads

Instagram is deleting Instance uploads

Ok, this is annoying!

It seems that Instagram is actively monitoring and deleting images uploaded from the excellent 3rd party Instagram app for Windows Phone.

The developer of Instance is at a bit of a loss as to how Instagram are tracking the images, as can be see from his tweet here, so doesn’t look like he will come up with a fix anytime soon either.


Windows Phone does not have an official Instagram app of course, and the “will they/won’t they” build one saga shows no signs of getting an answer yet, so this is a major blow for Windows Phone users.

This is such a shame, as Instance is a truly excellent Instagram app, which had kept lots of Windows Phone users happily Instagraming and it would be a big loss if this continues.

It’s also pretty bad form of Facebook – surely their energies would be better spent on building an official app, not crippling existing ones. In fact the whole Instagram/Windows Phone saga is rather puzzling, given Microsoft own a chunk of Facebook and Facebook use Bing.

So come on Facebook & Microsoft – sort it out!!!



SourceThe Verge