Instagram introduces “Photos of you”

Instagram introduces Photos of you
Instagram, the photo sharing app has announced a new feature.

Billed as “Photos of You” the feature now allows users to tag photos, either with names or brands.  These photos will then show up in the Photos of you section of your profile.

Notifications are sent when you are tagged, you can detag yourself and have the option to require approval before photos appear on your profile.

You will be given a grace period until the 16th May to play around, tag and de-tag photos, after this time the Photo’s of You section will become visible to the public.

Instagram introduces Photos of you

Facebook can attest to the popularity of tagging photographs and this is sure to be a great addition to the Instagram repertoire, after all, are people going to be looking for photos of your dinner or photos of you.

This feature can be found on iOS and Android both of which are version 3.5 while more information can be found here on the Instagram blog.