Facebook to buy Instagram

Facebook to buy Instagram

The Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has today announced his plans to buy the popular Photo taking/sharing website Instagram.

The deal, which is still to be approved by the regulatory bodies, is said to be worth $1 billion, made up of cash and shares.

I am new to the instragram scene, but quite like the android app so far. I have mainly been using it to make my existing photos look more ‘arty’, I just hope Facebook don’t change the ethos of instragram for the worse…as we saw twitter do to tweetdeck.

Zuckerberg has confirmed that facebook won’t affect the way Instagram posts to ‘other’ social network sites.

You can read the full Zuckerberg announcement here: https://www.facebook.com/zuck/posts/10100318398827991

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  • Anonymous

    …Pinstagram… ;-)

  • Lee Marshall

    I really cannot see how Instagram is worth $1billion. I have used it a little since it was launched on Android and I really don’t see what the fuss is about.¬†

    As far as I can see it just makes your photos square, reduces their quality by applying a weirdly named filter/border, then shares them to a social network allowing people to say if they like it or not.

    However if I don’t use Instagram I can choose the ratio of the photo, leave it in high quality and then post it to a social network where people can say what they want. If I wanted to apply a filter or edit the photo then there are plenty of apps for that.

    Worth $1billion? You must be kidding.

    Or am I missing the point?