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Corning announce Gorilla Glass 5

Following on from, (what I always though strangely named) Gorilla Glass 4, Corning has officially announced Gorilla Glass 5. The company states that this latest generation of its strengthened glass will survive up to four times better than competing glass designs.  Corning says that in tests the new Gorilla Glass 5

The second Samsung Unpacked event gets scheduled in

Not long to go. August 13th marks the second big Samsung reveal this year, and we’re all assuming it’s the Galaxy Note 5 which has already leaked out quite considerably.  NYC will host the event, which could also see the S6 Plus, and it looks like Samsung

Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus revealed.

Newly leaked photos showing the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus and the Galaxy Note 5 have emerged on the internwebs. The photos show the S6 edge Plus as having a model number of SM-G928A, and the device is running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. There’s also snaps of the Note

OnePlus Cardboard

OnePlus is teasing us with the OnePlus Two quite hard. The product launch, scheduled for July 27th 2015, will be held in “Virtual Reality” (or VR if you are an acronym lover). To allow OnePlus One users to watch the event, OnePlus is giving away Google Cardboard

Samsung Galaxy S5 Looky-likey already showing online

Was it really only Monday night that we see the Galaxy S5 for the first time? Well, in a factory somewhere in China plans are a-foot to clone it. Meet the Goophone S5, which has been listed on their website. Thankfully it’s not fully available just yet,

Nexus 5 now only £240 unlocked

What must be the bargain of the year so far, the Nexus 5 made by LG can now be picked up for as little as £240 unlocked from Carphone Warehouse in the UK. Yes just £240! The device is in stock in Black, White and Red which

Red Nexus 5 on show, launch tomorrow

Sure, you like the Google Nexus 5, but deep down you have a yearning to get one in Ferrari-red. What do you do? Easy, you just need to wait a while, because tomorrow the lady in red will be announced by Google and LG. Leaked shots have

Google Nexus 5 – Unboxing

The Nexus 5 must have been one of the most leaked phones of all time, thankfully the wait is over and on 31st October Google announced the Nexus 5 to the world at 6pm…… and the next day it was available in Carphone Warehouse to purchase! Not

Hands on with the Nexus 5

Available to buy right now, this is the Nexus 5 running the all-new version of Android, KitKat 4.4. It has a 5 inch screen, Snapdragon 800 quad-core 2.3GHz processor and a camera that adds a bit of DSLR fun. The camera also has a new lens to

Nexus 5 due 1st November?

Popular twitter account @evleaks has just posted a press photo of a white Nexus 5 with the words ‘in white  11/1’. Now, if you look at that date in UK format it’ll mean 1st November … With so many leaks of this device, we were hoping to

Google let slip an official Nexus 5 Press image

Well, here it is. The Google Nexus 5 You’ve seen it in the official Android Kit Kat reveal video. But here is an official Press Shot direct from Google. It’s now gone from the Google servers, but I think we can all take this as confirmation of

Another day another Nexus 5 leak

The imminent arrival of any device these days is accompanied by a flood of leaks. It serves to ramp up excitement about a device and it also does away with any element of surprise during the press launch. Over the weekend an internal service manual for the

Do you fancy a slightly cheaper iPhone 5

What can you say about the iPhone 5? It’s an astounding piece of hardware that creates such emotion amongst its fan and its haters. Such a device attracts a premium price though and deals are few and far between. This week though Expansys are offering the white

New iOS 6.0/6.1 Jailbreak overloads servers

Today, a group of iOS hackers calling themselves the Evad3rs has released a usable jailbreak for the iPhone 5. It also works on any other iOS device capable of running iOS 6.0 or 6.1, with the exception of the Apple TV (3rd generation). This release has completely

HTC M7 ROM shots leak

A recent update by LeakROMs.com (lovely message on their website by the way) has leaked details of the upcoming HTC M7. Although there’s just one supposed shot of the M7, it’s more than a little vague and the main news is the ROM leak showing the new

Spigen Glas.tr for iPhone 5 – Review

Yes, I am reviewing a screen protector but I am going to start with the conclusion for a change. This is the best screen protector I have ever used. Rather than being your typical piece of flimsy plastic film, the Glas.tr is an actual piece of incredibly

Leaked ZTE 5 inch Grand S set for CES

ZTE have made some very interesting cutting edge phones at very affordable prices recently, and now it looks like in just a few weeks time at the yearly CES event in the States they will announce the ZTE Grand S which is a new 5 inch display

iPhone 5 now on Three PAYG

If you are an existing customer on Three here in the UK and have not been able to get your hands on an out of contract iPhone 5 yet due to Apple stock reservation system being ‘tricky’ at best, the great news is the official Three site

Will.i.am announces iPhone camera add-on

Yes, Will.i.am – famed for the Black Eyed Peas and persuading Mick Jagger to appear in that god awful song about getting hard and going home… or something. It seems the iPhone 4S and 5 having one of the better cameras in the smartphone world, is not