Three 5G. Twice as fast as others.

As we’ve mentioned before, Three have a rather big ace up their sleeve when it comes to 5G. During the spectrum auction they managed to obtain one contiguous 100MHz block to deliver what’s termed as “full 5G”. Not only that, but they also have a total of 140MHz to use.

This is really big for the network. They’ve gone from having the least amount of spectrum to having the most. Mark my words, this is a massive change and a huge opportunity.

There’s £2bn+ of investment being driven into this and they’re definitely going large. This is a really big chance for Three, with a world first cloud core network from Nokia and a super high-capacity smart antenna network. What this basically means is that they’ll be delivering a 5G network which is at least twice as fast as any other UK mobile network operator.

But wait, let’s stop. Breathe. This isn’t all about the speed of the stuff ending up on your phone. This is a chance for mobile networks to compete on a more level playing field with the traditional fixed-line internet services. They can deliver home routers which operate on 5G, delivering speeds which will be faster than a lot of current broadband connections. The Three 5G Home Broadband will be launching in August and you’ll be able to get that “new world” – no waits for engineers, no line rental, no long contracts. Three tell us that you can get their speedy 5G home internet for £240 per year less than your current setup.

Three are already very experienced with customers using lots of data. Their customers use more than 3.5 times more than the industry average, and their network investment programme will also be benefiting those on still on 3G and 4G network. Head to for all the info.

Thanks to Paul O’Brien for the photos.