It’s Friday! You’ve spent all your money! Let’s do the £5 challenge!

Black Friday has probably cleared you out. Let’s be honest, it’s the end of the month and this is your last pay day until Christmas so we’ve got to be a bit careful with the cash. Here, then, is our semi-regular look at what you can get for just £5 per month on a SIM-only plan. After all, if you’ve just finished your contract and you’re looking to chop down the costs, it could be an ideal stop-gap. Also, if you’ve bought a phone as a gift, knowing that you (or they) are only spending £5 every month on the talk plan is a good feeling.

So, if you’re going to get a mobile for a son or daughter this Christmas and you don’t want to pay a fortune in contract fees, this iD Mobile plan is currently our pick. Their “virtual” network runs over the Three UK masts and you’ll get 250 minutes of talk time, 5000 texts and a whacking great 2.25GB of monthly data.

We’ve run a check against other £5 SIM-only deals and nothing comes close frankly.

Oh and yes, I’ll be honest, this is another exclusive deal that we get as an affiliate, so if you do buy it then we’ll get a few pennies to keep the servers running. Yay!