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Vodafone announce iPad Air pricing and availability

Voda have stepped up with their pricing for the newly-announced iPad Air. Here in the UK the “iPad Air with WiFi + Cellular” will be on offer from £28 a month, with a £129 upfront cost. Although the iPad Air is available now, you’ll have to wait

iPad Air available on Three tomorrow – All the details

Hey dear reader. It’s cold, it’s Autumn and it’s a minute past midnight. What are you doing up at this time? ;) Well, don’t worry, tomorrow is Friday and it’s November 1st. Pop down to your local Three store and you can buy yourself an iPad Air.

Thoughts on the iPad event – Opinion

Apple announced a plethora of new software and hardware at its event on Tuesday. While we don’t really cover laptops and desktops, there still plenty of mobile goodies to discuss. iPad Air As a massive iPad fan, I was particularly looking forward to seeing what the iPad

Apple announce Retina iPad Mini

Alongside yesterday’s iPad Air reveal, Apple also announced the long-awaited Retina iPad Mini. Apple’s smaller iPad no suffers in comparisons to the higher resolution displays on much cheaper tablets like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX. Alongside the new  display, Apple have also seen fit to throw

iPad Air and iPad Mini coming soon to Vodafone

After yesterdays launch of the new iPad Air and iPad Mini news is filtering through regarding who is stocking what. The latest carrier to announce their intentions is Vodafone who have confirmed that they are to carry both the iPad Air and the new iPad mini with

EE confirmed to sell iPad Air and Mini

EE have just sent out a press statement confirming they will be stocking both the new iPad Air and new iPad Mini on their 4G network here in a UK. No details yet on the plans available, only that the Air will be available from November 1st

Apple announces the iPad Air

Here it is. The newly announced iPad Air. New name aside, it’s pretty much exactly what we expected for a new full sized iPad. This year’s flagship iPad apes the iPad Mini design from last year. The bezels are smaller, it’s a full pound lighter and much

New iPad event rumored for 22nd October

After Apple announced the new iPhone last month, many people were left wondering when the next iPad and iPad mini would arrive. It now looks like an event is being scheduled for 22nd October to show off these new products, which just so happens to be the

iPad Mini 2 Rumour: Gold and Touch ID

As we get closer to the rumoured iPad refresh (everything’s a rumour, even the launch!), we have another tip on what we might see. The details sound plausible and the tip comes from Sonny Dickson; who had some of the most accurate new iPhones pictures before launch.

iOS 7 waterproofs your device.. erm…Not.

A fake Apple advert claiming the new iOS7 software makes iPhones and iPads waterproof has apparently fooled some users into destroying their devices. The “advert” circulating on social media sites claims that updating devices with the operating system installs a “smart switch” that cuts off the phone’s

NYPD tells Apple users to update to iOS 7

The New York Police Department has started handing out flyers outside the city’s Apple stores, asking people to update to the latest version of iOS. Well, it would appear that the police in New York are entirely fed up of chasing after iPhone thieves. In New York, iPhone

A dock for every device you own

Looking through the crowd funding site Kickstarter I think my prayers have been answered with the Everdock. Well-made and nice-looking, universal docks that work with a variety of devices are hard to come by. The folks at FUZ Designs are hoping to solve that problem with EverDock.

Lifeproof iPad Mini case – Review

Sometime ago I bought myself a shiny new retina display iPad, lovely I thought, that was until my wife saw it. ..I no longer have a retina iPad. Then Apple released the iPad mini. Great, I thought,  I’ll treat myself, plus it will be easy to pop

iOS – Guided access, let nippers use your iDevice.

Do you let those little fingers maul over your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Let the wee ones watch a video but you need to keep restarting or un pausing it because they pressed the screen? Have no fear, there is a simple solution built into the

Larger iPad & iPhone rumoured

There’s no shortage of rumours when it comes to Apple, and we’ve spied another two on the horizon. The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Apple are currently testing a 13″ iPad and looking at screen components for a larger iPhone. Apple testing things is hardly uncommon,

Google Maps update hits iOS

Google’s updated Maps app for iOS has hit the App Store. The new version, which brings improvements to search, navigation and traffic information, is also the first dedicated Google Maps app for iPad. Android users have had a week to play with the new features, as we

App store 5th birthday discounts

The Apple App store celebrates its 5th birthday on July 10th and as an early birthday present from Apple, you can get a range of top apps for free (and everyone likes free stuff). What’s more is that these aren’t your usual run of the mill apps

Tapatalk for Android and iOS is now Free

Here at Coolsmartphone we love bargains and there’s nothing better than something for nothing. At the moment the fantastic forum app Tapatalk is now free. If you subscribe to a lot of Forums Tapatalk is the app for you as puts all your posts into one place