iPad Mini 2 Rumour: Gold and Touch ID

iPad Mini 2 Rumour: Gold and Touch ID

As we get closer to the rumoured iPad refresh (everything’s a rumour, even the launch!), we have another tip on what we might see.

The details sound plausible and the tip comes from Sonny Dickson; who had some of the most accurate new iPhones pictures before launch.

So what can we expect?

  • New gold colour model
  • Touch ID
  • Both iPad and iPad Mini sporting the new A7 and M7 processors

Gold colour certainly sounds likely, and lots of people are expecting Touch ID on the iPad at least, but to get it and the new processors on the iPad Mini would be a serious spec bump for Apple’s “entry level” tablet. Could that be to soften the blow if we don’t get a Retina display, or if we get that as well, what will that do to the price tag?

The tip came accompanied by photos of a gold backed iPad Mini and front showing Touch ID, bumping up the likelihood of these being true, but as always we have to wait and see. Looks like it might be worth waiting for though.

iPad Mini 2 Rumour: Gold and Touch ID