iOS 7 – Send us your thoughts

iOS 7   Send us your thoughts

It’s taking a while to download at the moment because everyone is trying to get the all-new version of iOS. Twitter has seen a number of tweets from people which basically can’t comprehend the fact that their iPhone has changed…

We’ve already looked at the features and you can get a full run-down

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  • Osclix

    Problem with the Calendar App. The previous version let you double press on a future day with multiple calendar events to open that particular day. It no longer works so you have to open the day view and scroll to the particular day that you want. Long way round. :-(

  • Andrew

    It may grow on me, but at the moment I actually think the interface is a backwards step. It seems to be a case of the designers not being sure whether to copy Android or WP8 and failing at both. I do prefer some of the standard apps however. Messages, for example, looks much better in the new colour scheme with the flat design. I’m sure I’ll take to it in time!

  • Rooster

    Loving it. Some glitches, but overall it’s dragged the rather dated ios into 2013. Usual attention to detail, a joy to use. Shame much has been copied from WP7 but it has been improved upon in every way. Useful new features – good job apple :)