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First HTC, now Samsung take a swipe at Apple

Now, give me grief if you wish, but this is how things happen. 1 – Apple release a product. 2 – A lot of people think it’s pap and deride it publicly. 3 – A lot of people think it’s great and they go out and buy

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Up close

A phone with a screen that wraps around the edge of the handset? The Note Edge does just that, and although the edge is getting used as a notification area for the most part, it’s a sign of what’s possible. Something to Note though (see what I

Samsung Galaxy S3 – SIM Free, £199.98

As I’m stuck in B&Q in what looks to be the longest checkout queue in history, I figured that a browse of eBuyer was in order. They’ve got free delivery on everything at the moment and they’ve also dropped the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Sure,

Weekend deals – The Galaxy S4 Zoom

Fishing around, I actually found a news item we ran last year for this very same phone. The S4 Zoom, at the time, was a steal at just £442.80. Since then, the K Zoom has appeared so it’s knocked the price of the original phone down quite

Nvidia launch patent case against Samsung

Samsung are no strangers to the US courts, with their ongoing case against Apple the most well known. This time round they are defendants with Nvidia taking exception to some of the mobile phones and tablets Samsung sell. The mobiles and tablets in question are those that

Samsung announce the Galaxy Tab Active

Imagine the Galaxy Tab, but built for the rough and tumble of the real world. It’s just like normal tablets, but this one has an anti-shock covering which can resist a 1.2 metre drop with the protective cover on. It’s water and dust resistant with IP67 certification and

Samsung announce the Note 4

If you’ve been following the live coverage here then you’ll know that Samsung have just announced the Galaxy Note 4. Not only that, but they’ve also announced a quirky sibling – the Note Edge. The main specs are listed below.. 2.7 GHz Snapdragon processor (there is also an

Samsung takes us to the Edge

Well, we kinda knew it was coming but still. This is an impressive looking thing. I didn’t think we’d ever get to the stage where the smartphone screen would actually be bigger than the front of the handset. Today Samsung have shown off a device that has

Samsung event live from IFA

Want to see what Samsung are going to announce? Well, we can pretty much tell you that it’ll be the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge unveiling, and leaked details of the Note 4 already suggest a 5.7″ QHD display with a possible resolution of 2560×1400 pixels.

Nokia’s Here Maps is Launching on Android Devices

When Microsoft purchased Nokia it didn’t actually purchase all of it, and ones of the teams left behind were the team responsible for Nokia’s impressive Here Maps. Popular for it’s true offline & wide scale mapping functions Nokia have struck a deal with Samsung to bring it’s

Samsung Galaxy Alpha coming to EE, pre-order on Thursday

Sure, it looks a bit like the Galaxy S5, but the Alpha has a more “premium” feel and a posh metal frame. Call it a potential iPhone 6 rival, call it a HTC One M8 competitor, we’ve got all the details here. Inside there’s a 12 megapixel

Note 4 clone revealed.

Can’t wait to get your hands on Samsung’s latest flagship device the Galaxy Note 4, at IFA in Berlin, in a couple of weeks. Well,if you don’t mind using a cheap knock-off of the phablet, Goophone has you covered.The company has already listed its Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Note 4 specs leak

The Note 4 is set to be announced on Wednesday 3rd September but it seems the complete specs have already leaked, which does somewhat spoil the surprise. Indonesian retailer Erafone accidentally put up a product page for the Note 4 with full specs, before swiftly taking it down

Samsung Galaxy Alpha coming to Vodafone

Yesterday we reported the news that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be available on the Three and EE networks. Today Vodafone have also confirmed that the Galaxy Alpha is also going to available to their customers in Charcoal Black, Dazzling White, Frosted Gold and Sleek Silver colours. Featuring

Samsung announce the “premium” Galaxy Alpha

A premium version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been rumoured for ages now, with images getting leaked and leaked and leaked over the last few weeks too. Samsung have decided that now is the time to finally announce it, no big event and certainly no tap

Samsung Galaxy Alpha coming to Three and EE

Samsung have announced the Galaxy Alpha this morning ahead of the IFA conference in September. This has been a surprise to many, but Three and EE have rushed out the news they are bringing this new device to their networks. The Alpha has been expected for a

Galaxy Note 4 pictures leaked

The folks over at GSM Arena have released onto the interwebs what they are stating are leaked images of the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. As listener’s of our podcast will know my device of choice is my Note 3 and as I stated the Note 4 has

Galaxy Gear Solo to debut at IFA?

Samsung recently sent out invitations for it’s IFA event at the start of September where it is expected for them to announce the Note 4. According to Yon Hap News they may also announce the Gear Solo, a wearable smartwatch that is due to include a SIM

Samsung officially announce their next unpacked event

It’s that time of year when Android fans around the world start to get excited about the new Galaxy Note. This year will be the Galaxy Note 4 and as I’ve ended up buying each and every Galaxy Note I had better start saving my pennies. Samsung