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Samsung Galaxy 4.4.4 Update dates leak

On what may be the eve of the launch of Android 5.0 a roadmap has leaked from Samsung detailing when selected models from the Galaxy range should be getting the 4.4.4 update. Certain models have of course already received theirs however this will come as welcome news

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 available Friday

This one got slipped under the doormat by our friends at Samsung. A new version of their Ace will be hitting the streets on Friday and you’ll be able to get it from Samsung direct or EE and O2. Let’s cut to the chase shall we? It’s

Selfy cases announced

First there was the selfie, then there was the selfie stick, then the super selfie phones (from Huawei, Nokia and Sony), now there is the Selfy case.   The cases combine a simple remote shutter button and with a holder that also serves to protect your phone

Has Samsung reached the top?

The mighty Samsung might finally be reaching a plateau after the company announced a 60% fall in quarterly operating profit.  Sales of their Galaxy handsets has slowed of late and Samsung are expecting an operating income of 2.5 billion for Q3 – much lower than expected. Samsung

Samsung were paying quite a handsome amount to Microsoft

If you read the site often then you’ll probably already know that Microsoft have been making quite a bit of money from Android. Various amounts have been mentioned over the years, but now we have some concrete figures – from Samsung at least. Samsung alone was giving

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pricing and availability

What are you doing on October 17th? Fancy getting yourself a Galaxy Note 4? We’ve just found out that it’ll cost £629 SIM free from Samsung direct. The Edge will be out in the UK soon after, but if that pricing is a bit too rich for

Living with the Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a phone my wife recently upgraded to. She was initially going to go for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha but hey, there’s no explaining the mind of a woman. Anyhow, although she went with Vodafone in the end she could’ve gone with O2,

Noting but love

Every now and again, things catch you by surprise and there’s note a damned thing you can do about it. Take the new ad for the Note 4 for instance. Hot on the heels of #gapgate, Samsung have posted up an ad which tickled me pink. It’s

Key points about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is going to be an absolute beast of a phone. I for one am toying with the idea of getting one and seeing infographics like this from Samsung aren’t helping me. Source – Samsung

Note Edge not launching in the UK

The Note Edge certainly caused a stir when it was announced, leading to much debate on the podcast with most people wondering what the point was and how it would work. Now it seems that we might not have to worry about that with Clove saying that

Samsung Mega 2 revealed

The popularity of large screen phones is growing, take the recent sales figures of the iPhone 6 plus for example (as a side note the 6 plus is bigger than my Note 3 and I’ve got a bigger screen. Just saying). Anyway this large screen malarkey in

Are Samsung Planning a 5 inch ‘A Series’ Executive Smartphone

Whilst for many the Samsung Galaxy Range of devices may look and feel somewhat ‘plasticky’, the recently announced Samsung Alpha has turned a few heads with its executive and luxury styling. Over recent weeks rumours have started to surface on the net of further devices sharing the

Samsung Galaxy Alpha available today on Voda

The shiny metallic Galaxy Alpha is now available in a choice of three colours on Vodafone. You can get it on 3G or, if you choose a 4G Red XL or Red XXL plan then you’ll get the double entertainment deal we mentioned last week. Prices start

First HTC, now Samsung take a swipe at Apple

Now, give me grief if you wish, but this is how things happen. 1 – Apple release a product. 2 – A lot of people think it’s pap and deride it publicly. 3 – A lot of people think it’s great and they go out and buy

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Up close

A phone with a screen that wraps around the edge of the handset? The Note Edge does just that, and although the edge is getting used as a notification area for the most part, it’s a sign of what’s possible. Something to Note though (see what I

Samsung Galaxy S3 – SIM Free, £199.98

As I’m stuck in B&Q in what looks to be the longest checkout queue in history, I figured that a browse of eBuyer was in order. They’ve got free delivery on everything at the moment and they’ve also dropped the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Sure,

Weekend deals – The Galaxy S4 Zoom

Fishing around, I actually found a news item we ran last year for this very same phone. The S4 Zoom, at the time, was a steal at just £442.80. Since then, the K Zoom has appeared so it’s knocked the price of the original phone down quite

Nvidia launch patent case against Samsung

Samsung are no strangers to the US courts, with their ongoing case against Apple the most well known. This time round they are defendants with Nvidia taking exception to some of the mobile phones and tablets Samsung sell. The mobiles and tablets in question are those that

Samsung announce the Galaxy Tab Active

Imagine the Galaxy Tab, but built for the rough and tumble of the real world. It’s just like normal tablets, but this one has an anti-shock covering which can resist a 1.2 metre drop with the protective cover on. It’s water and dust resistant with IP67 certification and

Samsung announce the Note 4

If you’ve been following the live coverage here then you’ll know that Samsung have just announced the Galaxy Note 4. Not only that, but they’ve also announced a quirky sibling – the Note Edge. The main specs are listed below.. 2.7 GHz Snapdragon processor (there is also an