Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Get yourself a bespoke micro bag!

The Galaxy Z Flip is, without doubt, a stunning handset. We took an up-close look at it on the launch day but we’ve not exactly been bombarded by case manufacturers selling covers for it.

Step forward designer Ashley Williams, who’s launched an exclusive new Galaxy Z Flip accessory at her catwalk show. It’s a “micro bag” which pefectly fits the Z Flip phone.

Ashley Williams + Samsung- Runway – LFW February 2020

Pixie Geldof is seen here with the phone and you can also see the bag, which was designed by British designer Ashley Williams.

As part of Fashio Week, Ashley has created the accessory in a stylish square design to mirror the exact shape of the folding device. It is made with vegan leather and measures just 3.5″x 4″.

For more information on the Galaxy Z Flip, head here or check out the Ashley Williams website to buy the bag. The purple one and the lilac one can be purchased for £80 each.

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