ViewSonic supporting teachers with new campaign

Teachers are awesome, I never thought I would have reason to say that but they are.

They are currently doing a fantastic job with some severe limitations. Dont get me wrong some teachers for some fancy pants private schools will have all the equipment that they could possibly need to facilitate the teaching of children in both classrooms and the Virtual classrooms that they are expected to now inhabit. Those in normal schools don’t necessarily have all the tool’s and in some case’s I have heard of are expected to buy their own kit for teaching with.


My sister in law is a teacher, not some IT whizz and she has had to adapt so much in terms of how she teaches her class. Some of her lessons are being live-streamed to student’s who are at home all while she is trying to keep an eye on what is going on in the classroom and making sure that her lesson content is being delivered correctly, sometimes via a smart screen visible to the whole class. In scenarios like this, it is very important that they can multitask and this is really a teachers superpower in my opinion.

This is why I am so impressed with the campaign that ViewSonic has just announced which will allow teachers to get 25% off a second screen to help them with there work. This will be infinitely useful for them in several ways however the one I am most intrigued about is the one where you could use your phone with the monitor.

This is via the means of Dex on Samsung flagships and with the addition of a Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse if you really want to you could, in theory, have a mobile office. I am particularly keen on the smaller 16″ Touchscreen option, the ViewSonic TD1655 well at least partially mobile as the monitor will still need to be powered. It comes with 10-point Touch 2 x USB C, Mini HDMI, Adjustable Kickstand, Screen Protector and a 3-year Warranty provided as Standard.

In a more teacher based use-case this could be used for the teacher being able to monitor a Zoom Call whilst also working from notes that she has prepared in advance. The notes would also have been easier to prepare in advance with the addition of the second display as it would allow reference material to be displayed on the second screen whilst working on the aforementioned notes, lesson plan etc.

So if you are a teacher or you know someone who is then sending them the link below to see if it would be any use to them and save them a bit of cash. I am going to send it to my sister in law right now.