Samsung in spaaaaaccccceeee

Samsung have a little problem with their S10 at the moment, namely that other fingers can unlock it. The Sun recently carried a story detailing how – with the aid of a cheap screen protector – other fingerprints seem to allow access into the phone.

Samsung have promised to fix this in an upcoming patch, but perhaps in an effort to distract you from the problem, they’re firing a Samsung Galaxy S10 (5G model) into space!

The phone will travel 65,000 feet above the earth to take photos. That, though, is subject to it being able to withstand temperatures of up to -65C and the super-high altitude.

You can join in by adding your own selfie to the Samsung Mission Control.

Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Europe, stated..

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and with SpaceSelfie, we will show that amazing things continue to happen using Samsung technology – even from the edge of space.

Plus, if it accidentally locks before launch, anyone can use their finger to unlock it 🙂