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aLLreLi sent us some iPhone Lightning Charger Cables

There’s usually an unwritten rule about these posts. You have to bulk them out a bit. I’m not going to go crazy, but if I’m honest I could describe these cables in a couple of sentences. These are the new Apple iPhone Lightning charger cables from aLLreLi

Snap Spectacles coming soon – Record your life and share it.

Remember the Hyundai sunglasses we reviewed? They had a tiny hidden camera in the front and were designed to record your biking adventures. You could also perhaps wear them around town and record “things” if you wanted. It all seems fine until someone on the bus says,

Get ready for Christmas – the Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Head to your local supermarket and you’ll find many weird and wonderful tablets which are all pretty well priced. They may look like a decent option for your kids, but how do you know if they’re any good? How do you know if they’re supported? Amazon have

Koopower Solar Fairy Lights – Review

KooPower have been in touch again and, following on from the wireless doorbell we reviewed, we now have 12 metres of LED fairy lights. Now, I’ve had these in the back garden for quite a while as I honestly thought that they wouldn’t work. Why? Well, solar

European roaming law gets update – no 90-day limit

OK, story so far then. We’re all fairly familiar with the “bill shock” that comes with a trip across a local border here in Europe. Take a short trip on the Eurostar and your phone suddenly costs a whole lot more to use than it does back

Steer your sofa from your smartphone

Well, isn’t this just my dream thing? Recently I went to a “certain” furniture store here in the UK (y’know, the one that has a permanent sale on) and I was actually quite surprised with the amount of sofas that plug into the mains. However, having a

Confirmed – The UK gets no NFC in the HTC Desire 10

I’ve started to develop a bit of a habit now – leaving the house without my wallet. At work the canteen and the vending machines all use contactless payments. When I get fuel – call it Apple Pay, call it Android Pay – the petrol station, the

Wait a minute. Did Nationwide just do an ad that makes you think?

I’ve mentioned this a few times before, and I’m guilty of it myself. Over-using my phone. Head down, plodding along the street, engrossed in some meaningless tweet. Someone could walk past me wearing nothing but a pair of socks and I’d probably not notice. My son told

Hello Google Allo

For some odd reason I’ve now got that Adele song stuck in my head. Y’know.. “Hello, it’s me I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet To go over everything….” That’s it. It’s stuck in your head now. In a few minutes you’ll

Games appear to be creeping onto my phone.. and staying there

Not too long ago you could pick up my phone and find it to be a productivity powerhouse. I’d have my email, my Citrix Receiver, Office 365, my calendar and not much else. It was a portable office. Now though, after coming back from holiday, I’ve found

Vodafone begin blocking spam calls at a network level

Every day at around 2PM I get a call from The Claims Guys on 01212774003. They’re continually chasing me about a PPI claim that I have no intention of following up on. They drive me insane. I’ve told them around six times that I’m not interested, I’ve

Turn your mobile phone into a desk phone – the NVX 200

I tell you what you need. You need a desk phone that plugs into your smartphone somehow. Perhaps one that let’s you use those traditional numeric keys to make a call and a normal corded headset too. Sounds a bit bizarre doesn’t it? Well, look at it

A smart suitcase. Yes, a smart suitcase.

No, I didn’t know there was such a thing either, but apparently it is a “thing”. To be honest though, after a bit of reading, I became quite interested. A carry-on suitcase that is water resistant, scratch resistant and has GPS and 3G technology built in? Remote

Got a Galaxy Note7 and want to return it? Here’s the details

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 was explosive, but sadly not in the right way. Batteries seem to be melting through the handset as it’s charged and the advice now appears to be, “Woah there! Put the phone down! Put it DOWN” If you’re in the

Lightning connected headphones from JBL appear

Well, these have apparently already sold out. Not only that, but because they interface with an iPhone 7 and the Lightning connector, they cost £169.99. That’s a lot. They are really rather good, and include adaptive noise cancellation plus top-quality sound with no need for any batteries