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China – The land where your smartphone was born. [FEATURE]

This week you’ll see special series of posts documenting my trip to China. It has the world’s biggest economy, where people buy more smartphones than any other country on earth. One in five people on Earth are Chinese, and as I begin to fly over the country,

Improvements made in payment options

Paying for goods and services has always been a simple process, but in recent years it’s seemingly become even easier. In the past, options essentially involved either cash or a cheque, yet debit and credit cards have swiftly become commonplace among cash and cheques, paving the way

£10 off those up-front prices this Bank Holiday

It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK, so expect .. err… hot weather and barbeques. If we don’t get that then you can always head to the pub for “a quick one” and then wake up at 11AM on Monday with a very bad headache. If

Protect your iPhone, try a Jimmy Case

I was stood underneath those big information boards at Euston train station last week and, judging by the people sitting on the floor around me, it’s fair to say that people break their iPhones quite a bit and then keep on using them. The latest iPhone handset,

Doro 820 Mini Competition – The winners

A couple of weeks ago we had a big competition to give away one of two Doro 820 Mini phones. Our mailbox was overflowing with entries on this one, so many thanks to every single entry. We’ve stuck all of them into our randomizer and the following

Honor 7 Ready to buy here in the UK, plus a few other surprises

Last night, at the Honor launch event in London, we learned more about the Honor 7, plus the fact that you can actually buy the thing at vMall – an official Huawei and Honor store. Buying handsets direct is something people are more confident about doing now,

New Microsoft Lumia handset details leak

The inimitable @evleaks is back again with some more tasty information about upcoming and unannounced handsets. This time it’s a couple of Windows Phone devices from Microsoft. The top one here is a 5.7″ handset named the “Cityman” and there’s rumours of an octa-core CPU with a

So, what the heck is VoLTE anyways?

The 4G roll-out seems to be happening more and more quickly as days go by now. Sometimes, in places I’ve previously only ever received GPRS, there’s now full 4G. No hop from 2G to 3G here. Just a big leap up from 2G to 4G. It’s welcomed,

Three saves customers £1.3 billion

If you’ve been abroad lately you’ll probably have that text message arrive when you land… Calls will cost a crazy amount here, texts will be just about bearable, but please don’t even think about using data unless you want to re-mortgage your house. Sure, some networks are

Wanna watch a double murder? Your kids probably have.

Yesterday there was yet another shooting in America. That, in itself, isn’t unusual and will probably continue for quite some time yet. What was different was the fact that the double murder occured on live morning TV. Footage from Virginia has already appeared on news bulletins all

Edifier M3280BT Home Audio Bluetooth Speakers – Review

This aren’t your usual Bluetooth speakers. You can’t carry them around in your pocket for a starter – they’re just too big. The box alone weighs in at 7KG when it arrives, so these are definitely home speakers which will take up space on a table, cupboard

Life Mobile – A possible SIM-only cheap alternative

Right, let’s be honest, you’ve probably never heard of this MVNO and they only offer 3G packages. However… They were purchased from the Phones 4U administrators by EE, and Life Mobile unsurprising runs on EE. Right now they have some “summer special” tariffs on 30 day SIM-only

Samsung S6 edge+ pricing on Tesco Mobile

Fancy grabbing the latest Samsung kit via an MVNO? Tesco Mobile, the 50/50 venture between the grocer and O2, will be selling the all-new S6 edge+ from £43.50 a month with no up-front cost. The shiny new phone will be available online and from Tesco Phone Shops

Android shown running on a BlackBerry Passport

Ah, the BlackBerry Passport. A seemingly bold (geddit?) handset from a company on the way out. However, what if BlackBerry were cooking up a slightly different model? With Android on it instead? It’d look something like this wouldn’t it? (Forward to around 5 minutes in) No, I

ZTE Nubia Z7 – Now down to £190

If you’ve got around £190 kicking around then this ZTE Nubia Z7 4G Phablet could be yours. It might be called a phablet but, with a 5.5″ screen, it’s not a totally two-handed operation. Powered by Android 4.4, this has a Snapdragon 801 quad-core 2.5GHz CPU with

Get Cortana for Android right now…. If you’re in America

Yes, there’s a leaked version out there, but now the Microsoft personal assistant is ready to download from Google Play. You can even have it replace your Google Now functionality if you wish. There’s a couple of caveats though. Firstly, it’s only a beta. Secondly, you can

HTC Buy back their own shares

Following some serious staff cut-backs and media reports announcing that the company was essentially worthless, HTC have announced that they are to buy their own shares. Now, this “share repurchase” might sound confusing but it basically means that the company is buying back its shares from the

Oppo R7 Plus now available outside China

Back in May Oppo announced their new R7 Plus. It’s a handset with a 6″ 1080 x 1920 (~367 ppi) screen and measures in at 158 x 82 x 7.8 mm giving you a 80% screen-to-body ratio. Now the OPPO R7 Plus has been launched in Southeast