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MWC – Metaio – Augmented Reality continues to amaze

We’ve seen AR before. Displaying images over the a live image that your phone is seeing. It’s all very cool. However, things have moved on a little since then and Metaio look to be pushing things on pretty quickly. Already they have companies like IKEA using their

Deal of the day? 16GB microSD card for £3.99

It looks like eBuyer are off-loading this Lexar 16GB microSD card today for less than half the normal price. If you still have a microSD slot in your phone then count yourself lucky my friend, as this 16GB Class 10 card is a quick way to boost

MWC – Kyocera. A talk about the TORQUE (KC-S701)

I went to meet the lovely people at Kyocera, who I’ve only previously known for their printers, about their phones. To be honest I was surprised. This is a company that have been in existence since 1959 and have 70,000 employees and they have been profitable every

Vodafone SIM-only deals – reduced prices on Red plans

Got a phone? Happy with it? Just want a SIM? Vodafone look to have tweaked their SIM only deals with their Red 12-month plans dropping in price. The base Red deal is now £15.30 (down from £17) and you’ll get unlimited texts and calls with 1GB of

MWC – KAZAM, 21 month report.

I’m from the UK, so a local company operating in the mobile space is always going to be on my radar. KAZAM are definitely on that list, and we first mentioned them way back in June 2013. They launched a few days earlier, at the start of

MWC – IKEA build wireless charging into your furniture

Think IKEA and you think of a weekend spent touring the store, navigating other couples who are as equally stressed, annoyed and argumentative as you and your wife or girlfriend are. You’ve probably experienced the 14 mile walk around the predefined pathway around the store. You may

MWC – Ford looking to solve your city transport problems

In London our underground system works very well considering the age and complexity of it. People commute in and out of the city and leave their cars in expensive car-parks or, if you run a business servicing the city, you have to try and get your big

MWC – YotaPhone 2 becomes available in the USA

It’s via Indiegogo and not a network, but you can get your name down to have the two-faced smartphone in the summer. There’ll be “exclusive pricing” for “early adopters” (even though the phone is already built and selling elsewhere) and the campaign will begin in April. So,

MWC – Your next smartphone could have a sense of smell

Each year I come to Mobile World Congress with the same thought. “Where else can smartphones go?” Yes, there’s better cameras, faster processors and sharper screens, but it’s just quicker with incremental changes. It’s not always new technology and new ideas. After meeting Elliptic Labs, who have

MWC – GUESS who do smartwatches

If you think about it, watchmakers are probably breathing a huge sigh of relief. There was a moment when lots of people thought.. “Hey, I don’t need a watch, I’ve got me a phone. This thing tells me the time, the date, the weather and it does

MWC – giffgaff to range the HTC One M9 too

Some hours ago, or possibly days (I’m not totally sure as Mobile World Congress week is always pretty insane at the best of time), we mentioned that giffgaff are to offer the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Now they’ve announced that the HTC One M9 will

MWC – HTC One M8 to become the HTC One M8s

If I’m honest it’s difficult to know exactly where to start with this one. I mean, the HTC One M8 is still a fantastic handset, regardless of the HTC One M9. However, just a couple of days after the HTC One M9 launch, there’s news via

MWC – Global Mobile Awards. Winners announced.

Believe it or not, it’s the 20th Global Mobile Awards ceremony this year. Hosted by John Cleese there were no awards for HTC this year and instead the “Best Smartphone” award went to joint winners – the Apple iPhone 6 and the LG G3. Why those two?

MWC – Full hands-on with the HTC One M9

During the big HTC One M9 event we only had a brief and very sweaty few minutes with the device on video. Sadly, even when we went to the stand today, there wasn’t any HTC staff to give us a demo or show the device off. So,

MWC – Tesco Mobile to take on the Doro 820 Mini

We had a look at the Doro 820 Mini just moments ago, and if you’re interested in getting one, Tesco Mobile have confirmed that they will be selling it. Yes, it’s for the elderly, but Tesco are keen to point out the “beginners” who might be interested

MWC – Pebble Time Steel announced

I’m currently trying to find ways to tell James that I’ve “accidentally” kept his Pebble watch. I’ve been here in Barcelona since Saturday, it’s not been charged once and it’s received endless notifications during that time. Email, calendar notifications and tweets all pop up and I’m just

MWC – KAZAM announce the Tornado 552L

We’ve managed to get a first hands-on with the new KAZAM Tornado 552L, which was only announced minutes ago. It’s at the top of their range and carries on from the KAZAM Tornado 348, which had a 4.8″ screen. This, the KAZAM Tornado 552L, has a 5.2″

MWC – Kronoz. Can a watch maker create a smartwatch?

We’ve already seen how smartphone manufacturers like LG create smartwatches. However, we should perhaps consider how an existing watchmaker approaches the problem. MyKronoz have designed watches since 2013 and I was interested in their ZeTel and ZePhone watches, which have SIM cards in, and the ZeFit, ZeCircle,

MWC – Orange Ub-y brings people to you. Virtually.

I’ve seen some weird tech items before, but these things totally freaked me out today. Meet the Orange Ub-y (short for “ubiquity”), which roams around the Orange stand here in Barcelona. There’s actually two as I write this, and the girls controlling the devices are chatting to