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Black Friday – Amazon Fire 7″ down to less than £35

You might call it “that day when shops just reduce stuff that was far too expensive anyway”, you might call it “a great opportunity to get a bargain” or you may just call it “that day when people park like utter idiots everywhere and descend on the

Black Friday – Wileyfox Swift dual SIM handset reduced

Whilst a £30 saving might not sound like much, when you consider that this phone was only £129.49 in the first place, the new £99.99 price-tag is really rather good. The handset has 4G connectivity, a 13 megapixel rear camera and a quad core Snapdragon 410 CPU. There’s

Black Friday – Moto handsets dropped in price

Moto have kicked off their Black Friday offerings with deals running through until Monday. You can get cheap Moto handsets at a lot less than you’d normally pay. As an example, the Moto X Play has had a £60 reduction, knocking it down from £279 to £219.

A PR Agency wants us to wear bacon pants

Just what the heck is going on here? Part of me figured that I should just delete the mail I received, but no – I’m going to share this with you because it’s just bonkers. offers, well.. just that really. OK, it’s not underwear made of

Black Friday – giffgaff knock £100 off four top handsets

It’s time for the Black Friday madness, so this weekend giffgaff have let us know about their offers and it’s a massive £100 off a selection of their best-selling phones. These deals go live at 8AM today. Here’s the run-down… – Samsung S6 – was £399 but

Black Friday – EE weekend deals details

Another network taking part in the Black Friday bonanza is EE. They’re going to be offering up some special details all over this weekend and into Monday. There’s full details of all the offers in the press release below, but the highlights include… – Get the Sony

Jawbone UP2 Activity Tracker reduced in Black Friday sales

This one is available at both PC World and Currys, with the price reduced from £89.99 to just £49. It’ll monitor speed, distance and the amount of calories you’re burning, plus there’s sleep tracking and a silent vibration alarm for walking you up more naturally. According to

CPR Call Blocker – Review

You know how it goes. You get home from a long day at work and, just as you sit down for your evening meal, the home phone rings. If you’ve got caller ID then you’ll either see a withheld number or an international number flashing up. The

Announced – The Worlds first 4G wearable camera from EE

You’ve seen those TV shows following the police or bailiffs doing their jobs. You might’ve also seen the little body cameras they wear too. They protect both the person wearing it and the public, but now you can get one yourself from EE. This is even more

Black Friday Madness – Pebble Smartwatch

Fancy yourself an original Pebble for really not-that-much cash? It might not look quite that beautiful now, but the Pebble is available from Amazon and Currys for just £49. This deal is only on the black one. If you want to learn more about this particular watch,

Online, offline, iMend now does a walk-in service too

This weekend, apart from getting stupidly drunk in my local (I’d like to apologise right now to everyone), I went to several local shops. During my walk around it kinda hit me just how lucky we are to have all these businesses on our doorstep. I got

Mini Amp Speaker review

Simple one this. It’s a small speaker which you can attach to anything with a 3.5mm audio port and amplify your tunes. It’s shaped just like an amplifier too, so should prove popular with anyone who like rock ‘n roll or guitars. There’s no Bluetooth here, no

Embarrassed using a selfie stick? Here’s the solution.

Us Brits aren’t always good with self confidence. Taking a photo of yourself can, for some, be a bit embarrassing. Using a selfie stick, well, that’s another matter. So, Japanese Twitter user @Mansooon, who doesn’t really reveal a lot about himself, has come up with a solution.

Coolsmartphone update – It’s all about speed

Morning all. Well, it’s morning here in the UK at least. As you know, for the last 13 years (actually, more than that if you include the time before I bought this domain), has reported on all the latest smartphone.. stuff. We’ve gone from Pocket PC,

Additional US numbers and a local presence from flyp

Yesterday I was banging on about making international calls and ways to keep in touch with people that are far away. This is flyp, an app which give you a free US phone number on your smartphone. The app lets you call and text any other American