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Don’t want Windows 10 force fed? Give this a spin

Microsoft are playing a very dangerous game. It might not seem a big deal to many, but the company is under pressure. Sure, their desktop OS and Office offerings are performing well, but in the home there’s more iPads and mobile gadgets now. There’s less PC’s being

Boosty on test – When your broadband just isn’t enough

Hello Coolsmartphoners. At home I’ve got that “FTTC” gubbins that most people either know as “BT Infinity” or, when it’s sold through other providers, “Fibre broadband” ..which it isn’t quite, not all the way. Anyhoo. I’m pretty lucky. However, if you’re not, you can try this. The

Amazon Fire 7 down to £39 at Tesco

The sun is out, the sky is blue.. Time for another great gadget deal! This time it’s from Tesco and it’s the 7″ Amazon Fire tablet. It’s now reduced to a pretty unbelievable £39 and you can get it in black, blue or magenta. There’s free delivery

Lumsing 5-port Wall Charger – Discount code

We get a lot of review kit here at Coolsmartphone. What we try and do now is, after reviewing something, get a nice discount code for you guys to use. So, here’s another one. This is for the Lumsin 5-port wall charger that we reviewed just the launches. Find the best SIM and phone combo

A new website has just launched which compares SIM-free and network-free phone deals. It should, according to the people behind it, ensure that you get the best deal on your next mobile and / or talk plan. They estimate that the average consumer will save £330 buying

Use a typewriter on your iPad

If typing on your screen isn’t your “thing” and you’re not a fan of modern Bluetooth keyboards. Perhaps try this, the QWERKYWRITER. It’ll bring you all the fun and memories of using an old-school typewriter, plus it acts as a stand for your device. The keyboard connects

Microsoft sees their mobile market share drop below 1%

It’s the same sad story for Microsoft. Without specifically stating it, they’ve effectively left Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile to die on the vine. Mobile efforts now appear to be concentrated on mobile software for Android and iOS. Meanwhile, their smartphone OS is dropping off the

Amazon Fire TV stick reduced

My experience of streaming TV at the weekend was, let me tell you, thoroughly disappointing. My son wanted to watch Iron Man 2 and so I set off trying to find a streaming service offering it. That bit alone was tricky. We couldn’t find a page detailing

Lumsing 40W 8A 5-Port USB wall charger – Review

A few years back most people will have perhaps ignored USB ports. They weren’t for charging at one point. They were for peripherals – scanners, webcams and more. Sure, we still have mice, keyboards and other kit plugging into USB ports now but – more than ever

It’s not all about size. You can get a little one up too

Drones. They’re a hot topic at the moment. You can go down to Aldi and get yourself a fairly cheap drone right now. Trouble is, they’re big, sometimes difficult to master and you’ll need to make sure you don’t fly it in the wrong places. Outside a

Fancy 90% off your Google Play prices? Listen up

Paying for your apps in Google Play usually involves your credit or debit card of some sort. However, Vodafone have come up with a plan to make it a bit simpler and, for six months, you get a whacking 90% off some Google Play apps and games

Goodbye Nokia. Goodbye Lumia. Hello Again Nokia.

Looking from the outside in, the recent history of Nokia has been a bit rocky to say the least. There was the whole “burning platform” thing and then Microsoft grabbed hold of the phone business but failed to capitalise on the brand name. Microsoft/Nokia-made Lumia handsets were

Google I/O – Live feed

Tonight could potentially be very interesting indeed. It’s Google I/O time, which means three days of the latest and greatest Google tech. At 6PM (UK time) we’ll see Google CEO Sundar Pichai kick off proceedings and we’re hoping that those rumours of Android apps running on Chromebooks

Getting started with Android Pay – A 6-step guide

Getting started with Android Pay is ridiculously easy and follows similar steps that iPhone users may be familiar with. As Android Pay has only become available in the UK today, we thought it wise to give you a brief look at the setup process, which goes a

Android Pay – It’s finally here

MasterCard are first off the line this morning with the announcement that Android Pay is finally available in the apparent sleepy backwater that is the UK. All you need is a compatible Android phone with NFC. It’s not just MasterCard though. Everybody has been in touch with

Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 now on sale

Fancy grabbing the new Huawei MediaPad M2 10″ tablet we reviewed just this morning? It’s now on sale from Currys PC World. The tablet, which we reviewed here, has Harman Kardon speaker technology (which sound, let me tell you, very good indeed), excellent battery life and a

Five reasons to buy a Chromecast (or another one)

Unbelievably, I’ve had my Chromecast for a couple of years now. Despite my TV and a set-top box having the ability to show stuff from my phone, I still default to the Chromecast. It sits wedged into a random HDMI port on the back of my TV

MediaPad M2 10.0 – Review

I’m going to take a slightly different approach to this review and note down everything as I unbox the device. First, the specs. This is the Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 and it’s available in either “Luxurious Gold” or in this fine shade – “Moonlight Silver”. It weighs

Orange launch a Holiday Europe plan for the UEFA championships

As a UK resident, it was certainly a flash from the past to receive an email from Orange. They are, of course, still going strong elsewhere in Europe and, if you’re heading across Europe for the EURO 2016 tournament. The Orange Holiday plan is available here (this

Fly12 HD bike camera doubles as a front light

Being able to cycle around in these balmy sunny evenings is really refreshing, but when it does eventually get dark you’re going to need a bike light. These are plentiful, and you can even put an action camera on the handlebars to record your journey and log