New from Huawei. A toothbrush!

Huawei are big. We’ve covered their size and capacity when we headed to their Chinese HQ.

Inside of Huawei you’ll find other companies selling a lot more than just smartphone kit, and you’ll perhaps see some of the additional kit in Huawei stores too.

LEBOOO is one of those companies, and now they’ve launched the Huawei LEBOOO Smart Sonic Toothbrush to the UK market (yes, we cover toothbrushes now). It works with the Huawei HiLink app to personalise your oral health and to provide intelligent guidance. The price? Right now it’s a mere £49.99, which is £10 off the normal price and a whole lot cheaper than the likes of the Oral-B kit.

Oh, and you can also buy replacement heads – they’re £7.99 for a pack of two.

The brush comes with up to 90 days of battery life and will recharge wirelessly in eight hours. It also performs real-time monitoring, detecting brushing effectiveness. It’ll also give you voice guidance while you’re brushing to ensure a complete teeth cleaning experience. Not only that, but there’s an intelligent pressure sensor that helps avoid damage to the enamel and gums. You even get scored on your brushing! 🙂

The LEBOOO Smart Sonic Toothbrush has 36 cleaning modes, with a cleaning, whitening, sensitive and “nursing” mode getting 4 different strength modes.

More info on the Huawei product page.