This has nothing to do with smartphones but…

I have no way of linking this video to smartphones in any way. I just stumbled across it on YouTube and, although I know there’s some clever editing, a whole load of production and safety checks, it’s just so damned cool that I had to include it here.

Oh, wait. Maybe I can connect it to gadgets and tech. Ermm.. I think they’ve used GoPro cameras at some point. Yeah. Definitely. We’re covering this because of the GoPro cameras.

You’ll have heard of Ken Block no doubt, but this is his friend and rival Travis Pastrana, another incredibly skilled rally driver. A Subaru WRX STI with a 2.3 litre engine pushing out an incredibly impressive 862BHP and, well, the results are just epic. The sound of the engine, the skill of the driver, the absolutely insane stunts. Watch this video right now..