Syncwire iPhone USB Car Charger – Review

Available on the Syncwire website for £11.99, this is the Syncwire iPhone USB Car Charger.

As you’ll no doubt have noticed, this also has a second output so that you can plug in an additional device. Perhaps a dashcam, an additional phone, a Bluetooth speaker or tablet.

Here’s the video overview…

This is 11.2cm tall and sits snugly in the cigarette lighter / power outlet of your car. It comes with a built-in Apple Lightning cable and can be plugged directly into the latest Apple iPhone or iPad kit. There’s a coiled a stretchy cable which gives you enough length to ensure that your iPhone can still sit in a car cradle / holder without problems. If you pull it enough, it’ll stretch to 1.2 metres but retains its shape very well even after doing that. We didn’t have an iPhone to hand, so used an iPad. The 2.4A output (per port) meant that there was absolutely no problems charging.

This has a 4.8A/24W total output, so you can also use another cable (perhaps another Lightning cable, a microUSB or a USB Type-C charging cable) to charge a second device. It’ll quickly charge a range of handsets, power-banks, cameras and so on. All without problems.

The Lightning cable – especially if you’re an iPhone user – means that you’re never looking around for a cable. It’s a high-quality cable and the actual Lightning connector and copes with iPhone cases too.

Syncwire offer a “3-Year BS-Free warranty” so, if there’s any problems in the first 3 years, they will replace or refund it for free. You can also return it in 90 days, no questions asked.

Available on the Syncwire website here, they offer free shipping in the US, UK and EU.

A brilliant bit of kit.