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Get the Apple Watch look for less than £25

You want a smartwatch, but you don’t want to pay a fortune. Perhaps you want to see if this whole smartwatch businesses is for you? Well, this could be just what you need. OK, perhaps not need necessarily, but it could be something to spend a few

Garmin HUD+ going cheap

Ooo, we do love a bargain don’t we? These things used to be proper expensive, but now you can pick up this Garmin HUD+for just £29.99 down at your local Maplin. It’s also available online with free delivery. It sits on your dashboard and projects turn-by-turn directions

Not a Yotaphone 2 for America

A phone with an improved battery life already sounds appealing, but one with two screens? Even better. We particularly liked the implementation of the handset when we reviewed it earlier in the year. However, if you’re in the USA it looks like you won’t be able to

Conferencing on the go without embarrassing yourself

Just like video conferencing changed the way you connect with your workplace, the increasingly popular mobile video conferencing is triggering an evolution in how and where you connect. Without the need for a stationary computer or a bulky laptop, you can meet with your co-workers and clients

Ever wondered how much a 128GB microSD card would be?

I’ll admit to not really needing a 128GB microSD card. I steam a lot of music and tend to back up, but if you’re looking to save some of those “off-site backups” of movies or MP3s, this is probably your thing. Cost? £39.99, £7 off. Transfer speed?

The Angry Birds have returned for a second (?!) adventure

Everybody used to have Angry Birds installed on their smartphone at one point. Now things have changed a little, at least in my opinion. Anyway, despite a FEW Angry Birds versions in-between (y’know, like Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars

Goodspeed sees good growth as extra countries are added

If you’re a traveller and you NEED data, you may have already heard of an operation called Goodspeed. They basically let you either buy a MiFi unit outright or pay for it monthly (£8.79 p/m on a 24 month contract) which you can then take with you

Meizu m2 announced. You won’t believe the price for these specs!

Sorry, that headline was so bit click-baity wasn’t it?  Perhaps my next article should be called, “Top 10 smartphones – Number 3 will shock you!” Anyway, whilst scoffing my breakfast I noticed that Meizu announced their latest entry-level smartphone yesterday – the M2. This one shouldn’t be

Create your own free conference calls

Conference calls. They fill me with dread if I’m honest. Usually you’ll end up accidentally talking over someone during the call, then they’ll stop talking just as you stop talking, then you’ll both apologise, then you’ll both start talking again. Then you’ll get someone going on about

Samsung want you to hide the lump in your trousers

Quite a weighty press release awaits you below, but I’ll do my best to distill it into a partially interesting news post. Basically the Samsung boys have been beavering away on a new image sensor for mobile phones. What this will basically do is deliver beautiful and

XIAOMI Redmi2 pro – Quad-core and 2GB RAM for less than £85

Sadly, I’ll need to be sending back the Meizu M1 Note that I’ve borrowed to review. The fact that it’s so cheap and so good has already got me back onto the internet looking for bargains, and I’ve stumbled across the XIAOMI Redmi2 pro for just $129.99,

Already SIM-only? Keep looking, you could get an even better deal

Let’s assume that there’s a healthy section of you on giffgaff. Let’s also assume that you might be going to an area where the signal perhaps isn’t so great. Perhaps you’ve looked at Three and thought that getting 1GB of data for £14 isn’t enough on a

Meizu M1 Note – Review

So this has surprised me in a way. When it first arrived the box itself didn’t exactly scream “premium”. I mean, there’s nothing really wrong with the box per se, but I’ve got used to some of the recent review phones turning up in carefully sculpted containers

Android bug leaves nearly all devices open to attack

If you’ve got yourself an Android and you were having a good old laugh at the iPhone text messaging bug a few weeks ago, it’s time to stop. Now there’s an Android bug which pretty much affects all Android devices. It’s occurs when an MMS arrives with

The second Samsung Unpacked event gets scheduled in

Not long to go. August 13th marks the second big Samsung reveal this year, and we’re all assuming it’s the Galaxy Note 5 which has already leaked out quite considerably.  NYC will host the event, which could also see the S6 Plus, and it looks like Samsung

Introducing the Cat S40 rugged smartphone

Want a rough, tough phone that’ll do all that clever smartphone stuff? A phone that won’t break merely by you looking at it, but will still let you keep up with your mates and their flashy smartphones? Cat have a new smartphone on the way. It’ll sell

Samsung Galaxy S6 – Review

So here we have the Samsung Galaxy S6. Immediately you can just feel the quality oozing out of the handset. It is well built, slim and gorgeous to look at. There’s a distinct industrial feel to it, especially around the edges of the phone This white version

I’m raving, I’m bathing.

If you want some tunes in a nice relaxing bath or you want to swim around to your favourite tracks, this floating Bluetooth speaker is just your thing. It costs £24.95 from Prezzybox and supplies 4 hours of music. The floater works with any Bluetooth device and