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EE to deliver 6 months of Apple Music for free

OK, a little warning before I start. This article features Kevin Bacon in tight fitting Lycra. Sorry in advance if you’re eating your breakfast. It’s all because EE are giving new and upgrading pay monthly iOS and Android customers a whole six months of access to  in

WhatsApp will now share your data with Facebook.

It’s a move that we could almost feel coming after the application became free. Facebook will now be able to see phone numbers from WhatsApp to allow “better friend suggestions”. Not only that, but they want to let third parties send you “marketing texts” through WhatsApp instead

Three take you on a road trip with the RoadFi

Three are now selling something to keep the kids happy on those long drives. Whether you’re off on holiday, going to relatives far away or you simply need to keep the iPads, iPods and tablets connected for a journey to the shops, the new Huawei RoadFi should

HTC to roll out Nougat in Q4

Got yourself a HTC phone? Want to get the very latest Android 7.0 OS, AKA Nougat, on there? Good news, friend. It’s coming later this year. HTC have given us a statement to share on this which reads as follows… We’re excited to receive final shipping Android

Honor 8 – Everything you need to know

I like Honor. They’re clever, produce good handsets and they price them sensibly. In certain ways it’s like the early days of branded HTC handsets. HTC were always keen to show us their kit and they wanted to impress. They were proactive and eager. Now Honor are

Honor Paris Launch – Live

We’re here in the beautiful city of Paris to cover the latest handset from Honor. For all the latest developments we’re blogging live, and you can get detail via our man @todoleo on Twitter. We’ve got a live stream of his adventures just below, including pictures and

Microsoft close Lumia Twitter accounts

When Microsoft splashed out millions for the Nokia phone building tech, it knew that the actual Nokia name couldn’t be used long-term. The result, in late 2014, was the end of Nokia branding and a switch to pure Lumia branding. Now things are on the move again,

Like Pokémon Go? How about a Pokémon holiday?

Personally I thought that the buzz surrounding this have would’ve died down, but it shows no signs of abating. People at the park, in the queue at the local bus stop, walking to work and even at the pub. Yes the pub, they’re all doing it. Now,

Samsung Galaxy Note7 – Pre-order from Three

The boys at Three have been in touch to tell us about their pre-order offers on the new Samsung Galaxy Note7. If you’re after one, listen up.. The network will be offering the handset in both blue coral and black onyx. They’ll also be giving away a

EE Launch “Roam like home”

Hmmm… A roaming service that lets you use your phone abroad for no additional fee? Just as if you were in the UK? We’ve totally never heard of that before, and it’s in no way similar to anything any other network is doing… Today EE, who got

Samsung Galaxy Note7 – Pre-order now

It’s £739. That’s £739. Just one more time for you… SEVEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY NINE POUNDS. That’s a lot of pounds. Either way, if you want to part with a stack of money and get your S-Pen action going, it looks like the pre-order party on the

Skype on a Chromebook – Almost there

You may remember how I created a way to get the Android version of Skype working on a Chromebook. It’s 10 steps, but to be honest it should be a lot easier. Thankfully, since I wrote that, things have progressed somewhat. Firstly we Android apps coming to

Skype app to be killed off for Windows Phone owners

Skype, which is a piece of software people used to use to communicate with each other before they found WhatsApp, is being ditched for Windows Phone. The product support page states that, if you’re still intent on using a video call, the native Skype client for Windows

Three Feel At Home – Speeds abroad on test

This has been a hotly debated topic. It’s understandable because, when you’re in the UK using Three on a brisk 4G connection, you get certain expectations about download speeds. It’s these expectations that you might take with you when you go abroad and, with the Three Feel

Want to look like you’ve just stepped off the USS Enterprise?

On Sunday I mentioned a particular YouTube channel that I like to follow (in addition to our rather fantastic channel, which you absolutely must follow too). It’s from a guy called Mat, who is known on YouTube as Techmoan. He also has a website, called, and

Fancy playing your MP3’s in an 8-track player from the 1960’s?

Well no. Not many people have thought about doing this, I’m sure, but I’ve got in the rather geeky habit of following the Techmoan YouTube channel and his most recent video features a rather old piece of technology from the 1960’s called the “8-track”. The 8-track cartridge

New safety feature getting added to Strava – Beacon

I sit on my fat backside for most of the day, so getting out and actually moving around is a bit important. I tend to cycle, be it mountain biking or road biking, and after trying the alternatives I’ve ended up using Strava. It seems to be

KnowRoaming now offering unlimited data in over 90 countries

Remember that clever KnowRoaming sticker that we tried out? It sticks onto your existing SIM card but, when you go abroad, it’ll let you roam without that bill-shock problem. Now, for $7.99 (which is £6.09) per day, you can get completely unlimited data in places like Canada

Devolo WiFi ac Repeater – Review

So, everything connects via WiFi now. There was a time, not too long ago, when an ethernet connection was needed by quite a bit of stuff in your house. Your TV, for example. Your Sky TV box, your console game etc. Now though, most of that kit