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Pay with your phone on the underground

The Tube. It’s the only place where you can firmly plant your nose into someone elses’ armpit without them even flinching. Don’t make eye contact though, and if you do, just hope you don’t turn to look at the window and accidentally re-make eye contact in the

Lumia 930 bargain at EE

The new Lumia 930 is going on sale tomorrow here in the UK (Thursday 17th July) and many of the networks have decided to stock it, including EE on their 4G brand. What is amazing is the PAYG deal they have managed to put together, the only

What has Glastonbury and this hard drive got in common?

This is a 2.5TB hard drive. It can store stacks of pictures, plus there’s room for all those “specially backed-up DVD’s” you have too. Now, imagine downloading everything off this drive onto your phone. That’d take quite a while wouldn’t it? Somehow this is how much data

EE expand 4G coverage to 73%

EE have just announced an additional 14 locations have been switched on for their 4G service. This brings the total to 229 large towns or cities, meaning a 73% population coverage. EE are on a big push for their 4G rollout, meaning many more can experience the

Connect to EE 4G Moo-Fi at Glastonbury

If you’re going to Glastonbury and want to keep hooked up to the web then EE (and previously Orange) can usually be counted on for a solution. This year, even if you’re not an EE customer, you can hook onto the internet via the EE “Highspeed herd”.

EE trial phone calls over WiFi and 4G

We’ve seen calls being made over WiFi before and indeed Orange (as they were then) are perhaps the most memorable for their Signal Boost technology. It worked well, but if you received a call whilst on WiFi and moved out of range, the call would just drop

Stay charged at Glastonbury with the EE Festival Power Bar

Are you one of the lucky few (thousand) people off to the Glastonbury Festival this year? How are you planning on keeping your phone charged in the muddy campsite after filming 64 of your favorite bands and uploading them to YouTube? A backup battery is a good

EE Kestrel review

EE as a brand have been around for 2 years now. They hit the headlines after launching 4G services nearly a full year ahead of the competition. Both Orange and T-Mobile brands have had quite a few devices made for them by manufacturers already, but with 4G

EE launch own-brand tablet

EE have also today announced a new tablet today. It is “The UK’s most affordable 4G tablet” which is this, the Eagle. It’s a rebranded 8″ Huawei tablet and comes with a quad-core CPU, 5 megapixel shooter, 16GB of storage (plus you get a microSD for more

Let the birds fly – EE introduce a range of mobile WiFi solutions

Getting 4G is one thing, but turning that ultra-fast 4G speed into a WiFi hotspot is another. Today EE have revealed a number of options for getting yourself a mobile WiFi cloud to hop onto. The first is something called “Buzzard”. It’s a little widget that basically

EE branded Kestrel phone now on sale

Today EE have put on sale their first new branded device. Carrying thename ‘Kestrel’, it is available on both PAYG and monthly contracts. The Kestrel is mainly based on the Huawei Ascent G6 with a few modifications. This brings the cost down to just £99.99 on PAYG

EE hits 200th town 4G milestone

UK network EE have this morning announced they have now reached their 200th town for 4G. This brings them up to 72% 4G coverage across the UK. EE tell us that they have a strict guideline when it comes to announcing who is now “4G enabled. The announcements only

Three attack EE price increases

In a tweet linking to a blog post from January,  Three have today reaffirmed their commitment not to increase contract prices mid-term. This follows a recent 2.7% increase by EE,  which sees customers previously paying £38 per month now getting bills of £39.01. We exclusively revealed their

EXCLUSIVE: EE to increase prices 2.7% in May

We’ve just had information from a source that confirms EE are set to increase prices. Their pay monthly contracts will go up by 2.7% on 28th May 2014. This is in line with inflation and the current terms and conditions on monthly contracts. This price rise comes

EE announce their pre-order Samsung Galaxy S5 deal

It’s definitely the day when all networks tell us about their Galaxy S5 deals. Now it’s the turn of EE, who’ve got a 4G Extra Plan for the same price as 3G. The online exclusive deal also delivers that free return flight to 1 of 12 European

EE 4G continues to roll. 187 towns now covered

Well I have to mention this don’t I? Especially when a local town gets 4G too. Yes, the mighty Tamworth is now getting some EE superfast mobile data via LTE. Tamworth is part of 12 towns getting the EE 4G tech today, so you’ll be able to

EE reveal Xperia Z2 PAYG price

The EE website has just undergone a big refresh due to the new device launches and new price plans which are on sale from today. One of the big named devices of this year is the new Sony Xperia Z2. Until now we only had contract pricing

EE deliver their own affordable 4G smartphone

In Barcelona we saw a couple of devices that Orange were making available to their various territories. However, here in the UK the Orange (and T-Mobile) brands are becoming ever more diluted into the big new EE network. So, I asked, will Orange or EE be announcing

EE announce new 4G plans

Morning. ;) It’s a minute into Wednesday and EE have just announced a refresh to their 4G monthly plans. A new set of entry-level 4G plans mean that you can get a 10GB package for just £13.99 per month. That pricing, we must point out, is for all

EE offer fantastic HTC One (M8) deal

HTC have just announced the new HTC One just a few minutes ago. Yes, the NEW HTC One, which has often gone by the name “M8″. The official name is the HTC One (M8). Now we’re getting details from the UK’s largest 4G network – EE. They’ve

EE customers still suffering after big outage – Update

Following the signal issues for EE customers last night, it appears that some customers are now getting service again. The classic “turn it off and on again” advice seems to be working for others. Twitter users in particular seem to have been annoyed by the EE response,

EE seems to be a bit busted

I could’ve come up with a more eloquent title for this post but hey, it’s a lot better than some of the posts flying around Twitter right now. The EE Twitter crew say that .. There seems to be some Gremlins in the system – we’re aware

Vodafone cry foul play over Rootmetrics results

Rootmetrics, a company that gives supposedly unbiased data reports about the mobile industry, recently voted EE the best mobile provider in the UK. Vodafone, unsurprisingly, disagrees. However, rather than just grumbling into their morning coffee, management have released a statement on the company forum lambasting Rootmetrics, saying

EE customers to receive 4G roaming in France and Spain

If you’ve used roaming data (watch those charges) then you’ll probably be aware that you can get 100MB of data for £3 per day on EE when abroad. Other options include 200MB to use over 30 days, which is £35. Now however, in France and Spain, EE

EE voted best network by Rootmetrics

So, the results are in and Rootmetrics have announced that EE is the best network here in the UK based on mobile internet, calls and texts tests taken all across the country. In total over 840,000 results were put together and it is not just based on

EE rolling out 300Mbps LTE-A service

A few months ago we brought the story that EE were trailing their new worlds fastest LTE service at 300Mbps in the ‘Tech City’ area of London using the LTE-Advanced technology. This service is only possible by pairing two lots of spectrum together to get super ultra

EE and Wembley sign 6 year deal

EE have just announced a 6 year agreement with Wembley stadium to bring latest technology to the English national team arena. Whilst there will be no change of stadium name, EE will provide enhanced 4G coverage, fast WiFi access as well as mobile payments via NFC. Olaf Swantee,