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Announced – The Worlds first 4G wearable camera from EE

You’ve seen those TV shows following the police or bailiffs doing their jobs. You might’ve also seen the little body cameras they wear too. They protect both the person wearing it and the public, but now you can get one yourself from EE. This is even more

EE offer to track your personal items

After raising a serious truck-load of cash on Indiegogo, TrackR was born. It’s a small, coin-shaped device which you can attach to your keys, stick in your wallet or put on your handbag. Working with an app, it shows you where your things are and also works

iPad Pro goes on sale. Here’s which network is offering it

Fancy getting the new iPad Pro? It’s big. It’s got a really nice 12.9″ Retina screen but it’s a tad expensive and the keyboard seems to cost a lot too. That said, you’re about to see it popping up in lots of mobile phone stores up and

Track your pet with EE

EE slipped an interesting little nugget into their recent press release. We almost missed it, but if you check this page on their website you can sign up for a new product called EE Pet Pal. The company tell us that it’s … A new connected device

EE deliver new international calling packs

What? Another article about EE? Twice in one day. I think they’re going to have to send me more chocolate. Today they’ve launched some new international call packs and add-ons. Both pay-monthly and SIM-only customers can get these and they’ll let you make calls abroad from the

Go large. Get EE Complete.

Hmm.. that title was a little promotional wasn’t it? Almost as if I’m trying to sell it. Honestly, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the free EE contracts that our entire housing estate enjoys. * If your contract just isn’t enough, have a look at a

EE top Ookla speed tests

If you’ve ever wanted to completely destroy your data allowance and find out how fast your mobile network is, you could download the Ookla Speedtest or browse to It will, if you do it enough, give you a rough idea of just how quick your connection

EE launch a superhero for your kids – The Robin

Most kids, unfortunately, end up sat in front of a tablet for a portion of their day. Hopefully it isn’t for that long but, with Christmas on the horizon and more kids wanting to play games and apps, EE have release a child-friendly device called “The Robin”

Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact coming to a network near you

You’ve seen our Xperia Z5 hands-on and now, understandably, you might be wanting to get either the new Sony Xperia Z5 and Sony Xperia Z5 Compact yourself. Well, good news my friends, good news. Those lovely people at Three, who are definitely going to send all the

Life Mobile – A possible SIM-only cheap alternative

Right, let’s be honest, you’ve probably never heard of this MVNO and they only offer 3G packages. However… They were purchased from the Phones 4U administrators by EE, and Life Mobile unsurprising runs on EE. Right now they have some “summer special” tariffs on 30 day SIM-only

HTC Add Wi-Fi Calling to HTC One M9 on EE

Wi-Fi Calling is almost the holy grail for people such as myself where the signal at home is shall we say less than desirable. The news is therefore good for those with an HTC One M9 on the EE network for Wi-Fi calling is about to be

EE launch branded Rook 4G smartphone

EE have today announced and launched a brand new device under their own EE device brand – the Rook. When EE launched the Kestrel a while ago the £99 launch price caught a lot of press and customer attention for being a decent spec device at a

BT Mobile decide to water down free BT Sports offering

With BT looking to takeover EE, all eyes were on their initial MVNO pricing and plans. For me personally, I try hard not to have anything to do with the company, but those that have already dived in appear to have been burned. Initially BT told us

The EE Power Bars return

If you’re on a train, on a bus or simply walking around town then you’ll know that looking down and spotting a “5% charge remaining” on your smartphone means that it’s time to panic. EE were previously handing out mobile chargers, which they called Power Bars. They

EE Announce new SIM-only plans

The SIM-only market continues to remain popular. It allows users to purchase a handset outright, pay less per month and generally have  shorter contact periods Today EE have announced new 30 day and 12 month SIM-only plans ranging from £9.99 to £31.99 per month, further details of which are

EE announce Harrier branded tablet

Not long ago EE announced two new devices – the Harrier and Harrier mini. Now the network has added a new tablet to their range called the Harrier Tab and it costs £199 on PAYG, or £18 a month on contract giving 10GB a month. Specifications include