5G Speed testing. Three might be late to the party, but they’re bloody quick

The speed of my home broadband continually surprises me. About three years ago I switched to Virgin broadband and then hopped across to Virgin Business to chop off my phone line and just have a fat internet pipe.

Last night I got this speed…

…but that, it turns out, is going to be nothing compared to the 5G speeds that networks like Three will be offering. Their roll-out isn’t as advanced as other networks like EE etc, but Three do have a massive ace up their sleeve – 100MHz of contiguous 3.4GHz spectrum.

Earliy tests, here from Ben Wood, show that a Three 5G mast with a 10Gbps backhaul can achieve far faster speeds than my home broadband..

Of course, as we mentioned before, the real-world 5G experience might be slightly different. You’re not always going to get these speeds but it’s early days yet. As 5G continues to be deployed, we’ll see a better coverage.