Brexit. The roaming nightmare could return.

Britain is now spending billions on Brexit. Those in charge and the British elite have now been given free reign – without EU oversight – to dodge tax regulations and to force businesses into spending £13 billion every year to continue trading with the EU. Those costs, of course, will be passed onto customers here in the UK. Prepare for your food, your IKEA furniture, your clothing and everything in-between to increase in price.

If the hundreds of forms, increased red tape and a yearly bill (which completely obliterates the cost of our previous EU membership) wasn’t enough, we’re also heading towards a disastrous no-deal Brexit. The government is buying up chunks of extremely expensive land in order to park and check lorries – slowing deliveries and increasing cost. In addition, we’re now also spending £700 million on last-minute changes to our Brexit border control, which is reliant on a completely untested computer system.

We’re making ourselves poorer. We’re making ourselves smaller, less powerful and we’re less important in the world. However, the completely useless government, which has already overseen a disgracefully bad response to COVID-19, is pushing out another massively expensive marketing campaign to spin this all as an “opportunity” – despite it increasing prices and making lives tougher for Brits.

For mobile users, and in a somewhat unsurprising development, we’ve been told yet again that the free EU mobile phone roaming will end on 1st January 2021, which is when the Brexit transition period ends. There’s no guarantee of it continuing.

Some networks, have told us that they don’t have any plans to alter the “roam like home”, but – with the roaming deals having to be re-done on a per-country basis and the increased cost of removing Huawei kit – none of this can be guranteed.

At present, EU members can travel between other EU countries and not see any increase in mobile costs. For a brief period, us Brits could live, work and holiday abroad without having to worry about the cost of calling home. Browsing Facebook on the beach, listening to Spotify in your hotel room, watching BBC iPlayer on your terrace. No worries about data costs. No stress. No need for holiday insurance either (that’ll change too, pushing up the cost of your next holiday even further).

Now, instead of being part of the EU parliament, instead of reaping the benefits of EU membership, we’re heading back to a time of SIM-card swapping, special “roaming packages” and a constant search for some random WiFi hotspot. Backwards stupidity.