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Can a smartphone really make you fitter? A look at My Fitness Pal

Smartphones are becoming an integral part of our life, and the phrase companion is frequently used to to describe how we interact with them. The barrier between what a phone can and can’t do is reducing all the time as apps and technology becomes more sophisticated, and

My Kronoz smartwatch – A cheaper alternative

It’s not quite the full-on Android Wear watch you’d expect, but it is somewhere quite close. This, the Kronz watch, will let you take and reject calls from your smartphone and it’ll also alert you when your phone is out of range so that you don’t forget

HTC to the the smartwatch arena?

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. This is pretty ugly. You’re right too, but it’s an apparent “artists representation” of what the new HTC smartwatch could look like. This one, as usual, comes from @evleaks and he’s his usual confident self when it comes to authenticity… To

Up-close with the LG G Watch

Packing an always-on display, 400mAh battery (which is enough for a day of activity) and powered by Android Wear, this is the LG G Watch. It’s both dust and water resistant, plus you can just say “OK Google” to ask it questions, such as “Come on KITT

LG G watch shipping early

If you were lucky enough to order your LG G Watch from MobileFun rather than Google Play directly then you could be receiving a little present through the post in the next day or so a little ahead of schedule. It was set to be released on

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker – Review

Wearables are very much the “in thing” at present. It is pretty much a free-for-all as to what they do and what their purpose should be. This is pretty interesting state of affairs because, due to the fact that everyone is having a shot at wearables, it

Microsoft next to release a Smartwatch

According to reports Microsoft are reportedly jumping on the wearable’s bandwagon and releasing a smartwatch in the autumn. Tom’s Hardware has reported that the watch is going to be released in October, later than originally expected when it was originally talked about, but could coincide with the

A closer look at the Moto 360

We got a brief introduction to the not-quite-available-yet Moto 360 smartwatch just a few days ago, but here’s a closer look at the device. It has a tiny bezel and a screen which almost seems to float on the top of the watch, but is slightly thick.

£99 G Watch with a G3 purchase at Three

Google announced availability of the new LG G Watch last night in San Francisco with pre-orders live right now. It costs £159 here in the UK, and the device will ship on the 4th July. This is a great price for what looks to be an exciting

LG G Watch also available from Mobile Fun

On Google Play it may be, but you can also get this new wearable from Mobile Fun too It’s available for order at £159 and stock will be arriving at the end of next week for delivery to customers on 7th July. If you want to get

You can now buy those fancy Android Wear watches

Last night a lot happened in the Google camp, possibly the most exciting being the announcement that two new Android Wear SmartWatches would be available to order pretty soon. Well last night they appeared on the Google Play Store devices section and you can order either the

Samsung Gear Live announced. Buy one now

It wasn’t long ago that we had 1.2GHz CPU’s in laptops (in fact, I think this one I’m using right now has one). Now our smart watches have them. This is the Samsung Gear Live, powered by Android Wear. It has a 1.63″ Super AMOLED (320×320) screen

LG announce the G Watch.. again

As part of the Google I/O event last night, Google announced some new additions to the Android Wear range. This, the LG G Watch, was one of them. It’s a device we’ve actually already seen and the company announced that they were .. err.. working on it back in March.

Garmin Vivofit unboxing

What do we have here then? A wearable that doesn’t need to be charged everyday? Is that possible ? I have been really excited to get this gadget. This, for me, is where wearables become useful. The big thing that holds them back is the fact that

LG’s G Watch Specs have been leaked. Check them out.

Another day and another leak for the LG G Watch… One of LG’s worst kept secrets now.  @UpLeaks have got hold of the specifications for the LG G Watch which is expected now to be available on the 7th July possibly making an appearance at Google IO this

Samsung announces the Simband

Samsung seem to be on a wearable trend at the moment, with recent leak, and of course the release of the Gear 2, Gear Neo and Gear Fit. Now Samsung have announced the Simbad, which is best described as a cross between the core in a Sony

Garmin vivofit goes red

Something is wrong with my head. Whenever those lovely people at Garmin get in touch with us I can’t stop thinking about the “Ch-ch-ch-ch… charmin” advert. It’s toilet roll. I mean. Big, soft toilet roll. Nothing like Garmin products, but I can’t get it out of my

Samsung design for new smartwatch leaked

In a recent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Samsung have given some hints about what they think a new smartwatch could look like and how a user could interact with it.   The answer to the design at least, is very similar to

I’m troubled by what we’ve created

Friday. I think something is happening to me. At work, during my lunch hour, I did my usual trip to the supermarket to get a sandwich. Like many, I filled the period of “dead time” by faffing about with my phone. Twitter, Facebook, the news, checking email.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit in stock @ Mobilefun

Those readers out there who are into wearables have a reason to be happy this morning as Mobilefun have just a released info that they are carrying stock of the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. With the Gear 2 Neo coming in @£199.99 and the

Future Sony Smartwatches won’t use Android Wear

Sony have been in the smartwatch game longer than most, developing their own version of Android as their OS of choice on their devices. Such as the LiveView and SmartWatch ranges. With the announcement of Android Wear you might think they’d be perfectly placed to be an

LG announce the G Watch

Google have announced the whole new Android Wear thing, which pushes the whole wearables market towards one unified OS, whether or not companies like Pebble or Samsung decide to go with Android wear and not their own OS’s remains to be seen. LG however are seemingly going