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IFA 2016 – Smartwatches galore!

In the wake of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall and the impending launch of the iPhone 7 you’ll be forgiven for having missed the plethora of smartwatches announced at IFA last week.  We covered the launches of arguably the biggest two watches (or, at least, they

IFA Berlin 2016 – Samsung Gear S3 Event

Samsung. Samsung Gear: the range of wearables which enhance your digital lifestyle. An event in Berlin with an animated round watchface with the “Talk About 3” slogan under it. Whatever could they be about to announce? The glowstick pass bracelet is cool, the venue is spectacular and

New Polar fitness Android Wear device revealed

I’m a massive smartwatch fan but, try as I might, every time I feel the itch for a new device, I cannot find anything to replace my trusty Garmin Fenix 3.  The Fenix 3 provides notifications from your phone, the screen is always on, it has a

iFit Classic Review

iFit introduced a huge array of new gadgets at the Gadget Show Live event last March for keeping tabs on your world of fitness and sleep. We reported directly from the event here and specifically about this watch we have to review the iFit Classic. Here is a video

Surprise Pebble announcement later today

Whilst I love the rumours associated with the mobile and tech industry, sometimes it’s really nice just to be surprised! Pebble was the original darling of both the crowdfunding and smartwatch worlds, but it’s fair to say that their second-generation devices – the three ‘Time’ variants, have

Is HTC finally about to release a smartwatch?

This has got to be one of the longest-running rumours of the tech world. The first suggestions that HTC were working on some sort of smart wearable surfaced back in 2014, when a picture of this appeared online: Even by 2014 standards it wasn’t the most glamorous

Will.i.am adds totally free music to his new dial watch

Want music but don’t want to pay for it? If you get a dial watch from Three then that’s exactly what you can get. Now, before we start, be prepared for some names and references that musical mad-man will.i.am has made up. The “dial” watch, from “i.am+”

Spy Watch – Review

Check me out ladies. I got me a spy watch. I’m just like James Bond, but with an added belly and some questionable reasons for actually owning one. This, it has to be said, does exactly what it says on the tin. There’s two batteries inside –

Pebble Smartwatches down in price today

Fancy yourself a rather cool Pebble smartwatch? The entire range appears to have had a price cut today over on Amazon, where the Pebble Steel is down to £104.99 with a £4.09 delivery charge and the Pebble Time is down to £169.99. There’s other choices too, including

iFit Classic has hit the UK market!

Last week we got to see the iFit Duo and Exec which are out Summer 2016 and Summer 2017 respectively, however we did see a glimpse of the iFit Classic. This is the first iFit smartwatch in the UK with the fashion and fitness blend as well

Got a Smartwatch? Want wood for it?

Smartwatches are starting to become a proper “thing” now and, with more and more people buying into the sector, there will be more and more demand for accessories. As an owner of a Pebble Time for nearing a year now, I have grown a bit bored of the

will.i.am made a watch. You can buy it on Three soon.

That guy who appears on “The Voice” has a watch he wants to sell. It’s called “dial” and you can get some info on his site about it. When I say “some” info, I should perhaps say, “not much”, because all the site actually says is… It’s

Nest comes to your Android Wear watch

The Nest Thermostat we reviewed continues to get even more clever. Recently they added multi-account and phone location support, and now you can control and view your home heating on your Android Wear watch. You can get more info on the thermostat here. It’s £199 and you

Smartwatch battery life looks set to improve

Smartwatches tend to fall into two camps: those with e-ink screens, like the Pebble watches, which provide a week or so of battery life; and those with LCD or AMOLED screens, like most Android Wear devices and the Apple watch, whose life span is measured in hours

ORSTO Smartwatch with 7 month’s battery life revealed.

I have always worn a watch. I have a weakness where watches are concerned. Tie that in with my love of technology and the smartwatch is my perfect device. However, I love the classic watches. There’s just just something about a mechanical time piece.. watch lovers will

Apple Watch 1s anyone?

Before Christmas there had been lots of speculation that March 2016 would see the release of the second generation Apple Watch.  Looking back, it isn’t obvious whether these rumours were based on anything other than the fact that it would mark a year since the original release.

Asus Zen Watch now cheap as chips

Yesterday we took a look at the upcoming Bluboo Xwatch, which is due to go on sale for just £69.39. However, for £89.99 you can grab the Asus Zen Smart Watch, which has been reduced over on ebuyer. We featured this first back in 2014 and has

Bluboo Xwatch approaching – Android Wear for not that much at all

We get a lot of random emails. One company in particular has been pretty incessant, and that’s Chinese manufacturer Bluboo. They make phones (like the pretty powerful and good-looking X9 which is a “monster inside and aesthetic outside”) and watches, like their Uwatch. Next month they’ll be

CES – Huawei Watch range expanded

Huawei has announced that they will be expanding their Watch range with two new models. These have been designed for the fairer sex or those who have skinny wrists – i.e. me! The new watches do add an element of glamour to the proceedings with some bedazzling ornamentation.