Honor announce Back to School event

This time of year in tech is traditionally the time when companies start to try and get buyers excited with deals on tech that is aimed at people going to Universities and Colleges. It is an idea that has come about from the way the term times fall in line loosely with those of the American system. The time is called “Back to School” and it is normal to find things like laptops, headphones, games consoles etc discounted by a small margin. 

So in keeping with this theme and too add in some new additions Honor has started their new ” Back to School” deals. now normally this wouldn’t concern us but this year the timing has fallen in very nicely with the addition of Honor’s recent announcement from IFA. Due to this, we have now got an all-new lineup laptop and some new wearable being included in the offers.

So let’s see what was announced


In the laptops arena, we had one brand new product announced in the form of the Honor MagicBook Pro. As the moniker suggests this is the top of the range version of the established MagicBook line up. they also took the time to do some updates to the existing range of MagicBooks in the form of the 14 and 15. All of the laptops now feature AMD Ryzen chips of various levels of performance. The MagicBook Pro also has integrated Graphics courtesy of Radeon allow lightning-fast performance even under high loads such as gaming and video editing. The MagicBook Pro will have 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD storage drive and 16GB DDR4 dual-channel RAM too make a powerhouse in mobile computing terms. All of this is crammed into a lightweight and sleek all aluminium body.

Most importantly is that this awesome amount of computing punch is available from the Honor store now for £849.99 and it will come with some very nice bundled options. You can choose from either the Magic Watch 2 or Magic Watch and  Router 3 or Magic earbuds and Rotes 3. Well worth a look if you are in the market for a new laptop for going back to school.

As I mentioned above the MagicBook 14 and 15 have also both had some updates mainly in the form of a faster processor with them now moving to an AMD Ryzen 4500U over the current generations 3500. This will make these already great everyday computers even better and more capable while still keeping their minimalistic and sleek design and size.

Sadly though this new generation will not be available for a little bit longer as they won’t hit the Honor store until 21/09/2020 at£669.99 for the MagicBook 14. The MagicBook 15 will be a little bit more of a wait until early October with a price of €699.90 with UK pricing to be confirmed. Both of these are also come to come with a free gift from these options – Mouse/HONOR Bluetooth Earphones/ HONOR backpack/HONOR Router 3

Whilst that covers it for the laptops we ant quite done with portable computing as Honor also announced a new tablet in the form of the Honor Pad 6. this will feature a 10.1″ Full Hd display and high immersion dual speakers. it is a lightweight in terms of its physical presence as well with a weight of only 460g and a svelte 7,55mm thickness. it will be available as Wifi only and a Wifi and LTE version with details of when and where to be confirmed.

Moving onto wearables Conor had two products to announce in the form of the  Honor Watch GS Pro and the Honor Watch ES. These are two new cutting edge wearable that builds upon the Honor Watch magic from previous years.

The GS Pro is designed to take on the urban jungle with its rugged MIL-STD-810G standard build. it will also outlast all but the longest Urban exploration with 25-day battery life! With built-in satellite position systems (yes there are two) you will always be able to find your way and perhaps, more importantly, your way back. If urban fitness is more your thing than hardcore exploring then you will be pleased to know that the GS Pro will support up to 100 different workout modes including mountain climbing, hiking, indoor and outdoor running skiing and free training (answers on a postcard as to what that is please). If that wasn’t enough for you health junkies out there you will, of course, get a full suite of health feature to monitor you as well.

The GS Pro is available now as part of the Back to School sale for a steal at £249.99 with some freebies of either Honor MagicEarbuds or Honor Bluetooth Earphones and a Router 3. It also has a few different colour options to fit in with your urban wardrobe with the choices being Charcoal Black, Marl White and Camo Blue, the last sounds appealing to me personally but each to their own I guess.

The Honor Watch ES is a different beast entirely and will cater to those who demand something a bit more stylish and subtle. It is, in essence, the evolution of the Fitness band in that it has a much larger display making it easier to gain your stats from its 1.6-inch AMOLED display. That display will be put to good use by showing you one of the 12 animated workout courses specifically designed to help with things such as fat burn and abs workout. Let’s face we all need that little bit of help getting rid of our “lockdown weight” so this can only help in that area especially as going to the gym is not as easy as it once was. It is able to deliver all of this fitness goodness in a device that I bang on cue interns of design and most importantly inexpensive. 

Which lead me nicely onto the price, the Watch ES will come in at a scintillating price of £99.99 with a pair of Honor Bluetooth Earphones or Honor Sport Pro or an Honor Band 5 for someone else in the family. they will also come I a few different colours with the choices being Meteorite Black, Coral Pink, and Icelandic White. It is available now as part of the Back to School sale.

Those are the normal sort of things we expected to see announced at IFA but Honor also took the opportunity to launch another 3 product from their Honor Choice lineup. these are not items that we would have typically expected from Honor but it seems that they are taking a leaf out of Xiaomi’s book and diversifying their product range to the wider electrical market.so the other 3 Honor Choice product are Percussion Massage Gun EVO, usmile Sonic Electric Toothbrush P1001, and Antibacterial Cordless Vacuum Cleaner! Now we have very little information about these part from that they will be available from the HIHONOR store after launch. At the time of writing there is little to no information about these items on there so only time will tell if we ever see them come to these shores.