Zepp E Smartwatch Unboxing

Today I received a new smartwatch to unbox. However, I should mention that there’s a couple of versions – a round model and this, the square version. You can see the difference between the two on Zepp.com.

So, ahead of the full review, here’s a look at this tasty new smartwatch. It comes from a brand that I have not come across in the UK before, but from the first impressions things are looking good. Zepp is actually a rebranding of Amazfit, who have been in the smartwatch and wearable game for a number of years, so they come from good pedigree.

The packaging is high-quality ad looks very professional with its slightly glossy surface and soft-touch inner box.  The actual inside of the box is just as nice. You are immediately presented with the watch front and centre with a leather strap fitted. The shiny aluminium body of the watch and the AMOLED screen are winking at you, inviting you to peel the protective layer off and get stuck in.

We are, however, going to skip the screen and head to the back to check the sensors round there.

This is where things start to get more interesting from a fitness tracking point of view. We have an array of sensors for the following measurements:-

Biological Tracking optical Sensor
Acceleration Sensor.
Geomagnetic Sensor,
Ambient Light Sensor

On the right hand side we can see a single button that acts as both a power button and sleep/wake button. However, with a longer press it will allow you to enter different apps depending on the shortcut that has been set. This is a nice way to gain access to an app quickly and it’s very intuitive.

That about sums it up for the hardware side of the watch. The rest of the functionality lies within the software which will be covered in the full review after I have spent some time using it.

I going to use this as my day to day device for the next week and this will give me a chance to put it through its paces.

The watch has a 1.65″ AMOLED  screen operating at 348×442 pixels (341 PPI). This, the square model, weighs in at 36 grams (the round one is slightly lighter) and comes in a greater range of colours.

Both the square and round watches have a 7 day typical usage and will charge back up again in 2 hours via the magnetic Pogo Pin charging system. The watches also have biological optical tracking sensors, Bluetooth 5.0, light sensors, geomagnetic sensors, acceleration sensors and are controlled via the Zepp app – this is available for Android or iPhone.

Right, onto the unboxing!

If you’re interested and you want to get one of these watches then you can order one here for £209.