Live – Hands-on pics with the new Huawei Watch GT 2

Powered by their self-developed Kirin AI chip, there’s a supposed two week battery life, 15 sports modes, 10 training modes specifically for running and an enhanced music player.

There’s Bluetooth voice calls, monitoring of your heart rate, daily sleep and other attributes.

Running on the Huawei LiteOS, there’s a 46mm version with a 1.39″ OLED 454×454 screen and a 42mm model with a 1.2″ OLED 390×390 screen. There’s GPS and that Bluetooth 5.1 plus they’re water resistant up to 50 meters. Not only that, but in addition to all the health buts it’ll display your app notifications and social media updates too.

As demonstrated during the launch, the Watch GT 2 has a microphone and a speaker so that you can pretend to be Michael Knight from the 80’s and speak to people without lifting the phone out of your pocket or – indeed – your car as it’ll do line-of-sight Bluetooth up to 150 metres away.

The 14-day battery life doesn’t include that Bluetooth usage of course, and if you crank GPS tracking on you’ll drop to 30 hours with music playback dropping things further.

You can also have the screen on all the time to kill the battery a bit more if you wish.

Shipping in October, Huawei tell us that the 46mm Watch GT 2 will cost €249 and the 42mm will be €229.

More as we get it on this.