Moshi Digits Touchscreen Gloves- Review

There’s nothing like the approaching winter to remind you that you need to cover your fingers in a touchscreen-driven world. Upon writing this, here in the UK, we are being warned of a “cold snap” – so time to warm those hands up.

In a world where people can’t live without a way to operate their touch-sensitive devices, Moshi has now produced a pair of stylish touchscreen gloves that actually keep your hands warm while you tweet, update and browse. Meet the Digits Touchscreen Gloves.

Digits are designed to provide warmth and functionality to its users. They are dual-layered touch screen gloves that are made with a special conductive fiber. This enables the wearer to have responsive and accurate gesturing on smartphones and tablets.

The Moshi Digits have a unique GripTrak pattern on the inside of each glove for a slip-free grip. The inside of the gloves are lined with microfleece for comfort and warmth, and are 100% hand-washable. They are available in 3 sizes and two colours the small and medium sizes come in light gray and the large size come in dark gray.

In Use
In my day to day job I spend a good majority of my time outside. Not only that but I have to use a tablet, so this gave me the chance to give the Digits a full test run during the freezing night-time temperatures.

When it came to using them with my device I found they worked really, really well. I used the flat pad of your finger as opposed to the tip when wearing the gloves. I also found that I had to press down just a little bit to make a connection, apart from that, the gloves worked perfectly. The GripTrak pattern really makes a difference when handling my phone.

The gloves are comfortable and they kept my hands really warm, I’ve tried other touchscreen friendly gloves in the past – gloves that are flexible and very touch-sensitive – but those end up being so thin that cold goes air right through! You’ll still end up with cold hands. Then, at the other end of the spectrum, thicker gloves do keep my hands warm, but they’re not sensitive enough for you to use the device.

The Moshi Digits gloves are the Goldilocks “just right” the perfect combination of functionality, comfort, and insulation.

The Digits from Moshi are priced at £29.99 (although you can get them on Amazon for £24.95). Some people might think that’s a little on the expensive side, but remember these are in line with other high-quality gloves. The build quality here is incredible. The only thing I would like to see is some more colour options.