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Three UK Network evening

I am here in London finding out the future plans for the Three network thanks to an invite from their team. The network has invited along a range of social media fans and some press to announce what they have in store for us going forward. As

Apple Watch UK pricing announced

Yesterday we heard and saw official details about the Apple Watch.  US pricing was revealed but nothing was said about pricing anywhere else.  The Apple Store has now published prices here in Blighty and, you won’t be surprised to read, we’re paying a premium for what is

BT and EE. When 2 become 1.

In just a few short weeks we’ve seen the remaining Orange and T-Mobile branding confined to the dustbin and BT have been chatting to EE about a potential buy-out. Tonight it looks like the deal has been sealed, with Reuters and the Financial Times reporting that it’ll

Deal reached on UK “not-spots”.

It’s 2014 people. Granted, it won’t be for much longer, but let’s stay in the moment. I take a regular route to and from work. On my drive there’s always a section of the motorway that simply has no signal, so I have to tell callers, “I’m

In the UK? Looking to get Google Glass cheap?

Come on now, let’s not panic. We’ve still got a whole week until Christmas. Plenty of time. No need to … wait… that’s not very long at all is it? How about a cheap deal on the Google Glass Explorer Edition? Head over to Google Play and

Galaxy Note Edge lands on Vodafone UK

Samsung recently announced the new Galaxy Note 4 smartphone which we all expected to see and had a rough idea what was coming. What we were not expecting though was the introduction of another Note handset, this time the Note Edge. AFter our up-close look we were then

Networks far from convinced by Government not-spot solution

The UK Government are pushing harder for networks to fill holes in their coverage. As costs to plug gaps in remote or sparsely populated areas are usually high, they’re not always on the priority list, so Culture Secretary Sajid Javid has made it his mission to rectify

HTC Desire EYE exclusive in the UK to Three

HTC are just announcing all the details of their new products over in New York, the HTC Desire EYE is one interesting device with dual 13 megapixel cameras. We have now heard that in the UK this will be exclusive to Three. It will be launched in

Amazon Fire exclusive to O2 UK

Amazon have just announced latest mobile phone – the ‘Fire’ – is to launch in the UK on the O2 network. Customers can register for more information right now. Visit your local O2 store and pre-order ready for launch on the 30th September when signing up to a

Want a cheap smartphone? How about an Archos 50c

Archos have just announced a cheap smartphone for you. Well, actually they’ve announced two of them. The first is the Archos 50b Oxygen smartphone, which costs a mere £129. It has a full black laminated 5″ IPS HD screen and an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p encoding

Kazam! The octa-core Tornado and a peek inside the toy box

Want to start selling your own smartphone? It’s not easy, and the new kid on the block is Kazam. They appeared in June last year and wasted no time in getting several handsets and ranges out onto the market. I sat down with James Atkins, the Kazam

EE to create over 1,000 new jobs

EE have announced today that they are to create over 1,000 new customer service jobs throughout Britain within the next 24 months. It means that, starting with 250 jobs in Northern Ireland later this quarter, EE will be bringing more “customer service jobs” (presumably call centre roles)

Nokia Lumia 1320 arrives in the UK

A few weeks before it started raining we heard about the new 6 incher from Nokia. The Lumia 1320, which comes complete with 8GB internal storage, 1GB RAM and a dual-core 1.7GHz CPU, runs Windows Phone 8 and has a 5 megapixel shooter at the back to

Three 4G expanding rapidly

Over the last month we’ve posted updates on the Three 4G service. This has started to rollout for customers and not just the 2800 that originally got an early look. We were lucky enough to test the new network during a trip to London, where we checked

New Year data usage up 80% on Vodafone

We recently heard how O2 saw a 62% increase in data usage over the New Year festivities. Vodafone have now been in touch and they’ve seen an even greater increase – their smartphone customers used 80% more data than New Year last year. It seems that texting,

New Advanced 3G Dongle on Three UK

When it comes to data access in the UK, many customers flock to Three due to their great pricing and high data allowances. Oh – plus the fact they have a very fast DC-HSPA network offering 3G speeds of up to 42Mbps. This new dongle, made by

LG G Flex coming to the UK in a matter of days

It’s bendy, it’s curvy. No, it’s not an Olympic gymnast, it’s the LG G Flex. EE have announced that the device will be arriving in selected stores this weekend. You’ll be able to try out the device and have a play with it but you can’t purchase

iPhone’s on Three start getting carrier updates

Three officially started to roll out 4G today to a select range of customers. They will continue to add more over time until everyone gets 4G enabled and just lives in a 4G area. One step to allow 4G access on an iPhone is a carrier update

Nexus 7 LTE now available in the UK

International Android fans rejoice! The Nexus 7 LTE is expanding its availability to several more countries starting today. Google Play is now selling the mobile data-enabled Nexus 7 in Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Japan and Korea. Pricing in the UK is at £299 for the 32GB