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Android Pay Entering the UK – Soon

There’s been signs & symptoms of the impending intro of Android Pay into the UK. It’s been in the US for some time and iPhone users have been treated with their phone pay system since last July in the UK. There have been reports of sticky signs

EU blocks proposed Three and O2 merger

Hutchison (owners of Three) badly wanted to grab O2. Following disapproval by UK competition watchdogs, they tried everything to change minds. They added guarantees that prices for O2 and Three customers would be frozen for five years. They’d also promised £5 billion of investment and to open

Wilkin only went and did it!

Remember how Wilkin Lee promised to have his hair styled if the Honor UK Twitter account hit a certain amount of followers? Well, they’re nearing 5,000 followers now and Wilkin has gone and done it. His time at the barbers is shown here on Twitter and he’s

Android Pay arriving in the UK at the end of next month

After what feels like an age it appears that Android Pay is finally making the journey across the pond to the UK. The Telegraph is reporting that Google will launch the mobile payments system in the UK at the end of March. Since Apple Pay’s debut in

Three announces Honor 5X pricing and availability

The Honor 5X is a great phone at a great price and today Three UK have announced just how much you’ll be paying if you’d like it from them. The deal includes all the usual Three benefits such as the Feel At Home service which lets you

Say goodbye to the Xperia Z series

We paid another visit to the Sony stand yesterday but nobody could tell us quite what was happening with the Z series. Sure, the new Xperia X series phones are beautifully designed, but what of the Z series? Well, according to a Sony rep, it’s now dead,

Got a HTC One M8 mate? You could be getting Marshmallow soon

We’re hearing on the grapevine (or, rather, via you lot on our contact page), that the HTC One M8 is starting to get some hot Marshmallow action right now. Not only that, but we’ve also got unconfirmed reports that the newer HTC One M9 is receiving the

We want to pimp something. Could you vote for us?

The other night I had a sudden realisation. Since 2003 this lovely website has been on the t’interwebs. We’ve been around the world. We’ve seen smartphones grow from clunky devices with tiny screens and terrible battery life to bigger devices with terrible battery life. I’ve actually been

Moto X Force released

Did anyone else notice that Motorola had released a new phone in the USA over the last few days? Well they did and it was called the Droid Turbo 2. Now Motorola have decided that we UK buyers are also worthy of such a powerful device too,

Nexus 6P – Horrible unavailable message for UK

I get it Google. You’re busy creating new software and working with fantastic ideas and getting your current new stock out the door, as well as buying domains that nobody in their right minds will want to say out loud. Oh, you haven’t heard? Google bought

FreedomPop UK – An overview. £0 per month is back again.

Over the years we’ve seen a number of MVNO’s here in the UK attempting to give you something for nothing but, each and every time, they’ve failed. First we tried Ovivo, then we tried Samba Mobile but both went pop fairly quickly and customers were left without

Amazon Fire 7″ (2015) – Unboxing

Today Amazon started delivering their new tablet models to customers who had pre-ordered in the UK. I received my £49 Amazon Fire 7″ (2015), and this is my unboxing. Yes, you did read that correctly, it’s just £49. Specifications: quad-core processor and 1GB RAM 7″ 1024×600 display

Speak in your own voice with clever Ford in-car tech

A minor bug-bear for us Brits can be the fact that we have to force technology to speak to us in proper English. If you use Word, you’ll need to fiddle around to switch it to “English UK” and we have to put up with devices called

FreedomPop. Still no UK launch as the leaves begin to fall..

Back in May we covered the launch of free mobile provider FreedomPop. They promised to launch here in the UK this summer with £0 per month plans but, as we head into September and the kids return to school, we’ve still not heard anything on a launch.

Honor 7 Ready to buy here in the UK, plus a few other surprises

Last night, at the Honor launch event in London, we learned more about the Honor 7, plus the fact that you can actually buy the thing at vMall – an official Huawei and Honor store. Buying handsets direct is something people are more confident about doing now,