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Driving and using the phone? Fines and points to double

You may have done it yourself. You may see others do it. Perhaps you’ll catch an approaching driver looking down at something and you’ll wonder if they’re really just “tuning the radio” or perhaps browsing the web instead. It’s on the rise and, with the deep cuts

HTC Desire 10 lined up for launch on Tuesday

What are you doing on Tuesday morning? Well, we’re going to be at a swanky launch party in the West End of London. We’ll be eating canapés, drinking free champagne, meeting the….. ..wait. Ah no. It’s another one of those “web” launches from HTC. Gah.. what happen

Amazon Echo coming to UK and Germany

Amazon Echo, the digital assistant, is coming to the UK and Germany this autumn. Hurrah! What is an Amazon Echo you ask? It’s a speaker with microphone that connects to the internet, over WiFi, and has the Amazon Alexa service built in. Amazon Alexa is Amazon’s digital

Is the iPhone Upgrade Programme really worth it?

OK, so we had the slight misfire with the Galaxy Note7, but we’ve still got the Galaxy 7 edge and the Galaxy 7 out there and, as you’ll no doubt be aware, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus have hit the scene too. There’s other

HTC Vive goes up in price following Brexit

Another bit of tech increasing in price due to the devalued UK currency is the HTC Vive. It follows news last month that OnePlus were to do the same thing and a post on the HTC website reads.. HTC continuously monitors and adjusts pricing to ensure we

Pokémon Go now in the UK too

Following on from my story yesterday, I can now confirm that the game everyone is talking about is available in UK app stores. Android and iPhone users just need to head to their respective places and grab the download the normal way. Yesterday we detailed a get-around

How to download Pokémon Go on Android in the UK now

OK. It’s turned into a dream for the PR company this one. Everybody seems to be talking about it, even here in the UK where you can’t actually download the thing just yet. Pokémon has returned and the ’90s have come back too (Robot Wars was on

OnePlus threaten to increase prices as a result of #Brexit

Errr… so, we’ve been sent quite a few “announcements” from companies following the EU referendum last week. The information we’re getting is sometimes contradictory, sometimes wrong and sometimes biased. Pretty much, you might say, like the whole campaign has been to date on both sides. Anyhoo, we’ve

EXCLUSIVE – Yes, yes. The OnePlus 3 IS coming to O2

So, while I was mourning the loss of our Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (it’s only lasted a week and there seems to be some issue with the graphics driver), I received another email. It was from our mysterious, but trusted, source. The same one who mentioned that

Three to block advertising as part of one-day trial

Well, we knew it was coming and, on a day between June 13th and 20th, it’ll be happening. UK network Three will be blocking advertising. Three state that this is because they’re effectively having to pay for the ads to be displayed on your mobile device, and

Android Pay Entering the UK – Soon

There’s been signs & symptoms of the impending intro of Android Pay into the UK. It’s been in the US for some time and iPhone users have been treated with their phone pay system since last July in the UK. There have been reports of sticky signs

EU blocks proposed Three and O2 merger

Hutchison (owners of Three) badly wanted to grab O2. Following disapproval by UK competition watchdogs, they tried everything to change minds. They added guarantees that prices for O2 and Three customers would be frozen for five years. They’d also promised £5 billion of investment and to open

Wilkin only went and did it!

Remember how Wilkin Lee promised to have his hair styled if the Honor UK Twitter account hit a certain amount of followers? Well, they’re nearing 5,000 followers now and Wilkin has gone and done it. His time at the barbers is shown here on Twitter and he’s

Android Pay arriving in the UK at the end of next month

After what feels like an age it appears that Android Pay is finally making the journey across the pond to the UK. The Telegraph is reporting that Google will launch the mobile payments system in the UK at the end of March. Since Apple Pay’s debut in

Three announces Honor 5X pricing and availability

The Honor 5X is a great phone at a great price and today Three UK have announced just how much you’ll be paying if you’d like it from them. The deal includes all the usual Three benefits such as the Feel At Home service which lets you

Say goodbye to the Xperia Z series

We paid another visit to the Sony stand yesterday but nobody could tell us quite what was happening with the Z series. Sure, the new Xperia X series phones are beautifully designed, but what of the Z series? Well, according to a Sony rep, it’s now dead,