Zeus looks get into UK electric scooter trials

These guys created the world’s first three-wheeled, dockless e-scooter are now eyeing up the UK market following the start of trials for electric scooters in the UK.

The company want to be part of the micro mobility shared public transport solution and have been invited to be part of these trials, which is part of a new solution to address traffic congestion. Plans have been accelerated as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Irish company Zeus was founded by Damian Young and have recently launched in Germany. He told us..

Electric scooters are on the programme for government here in Ireland, yet electric scooters have still not been legislated for and are not a legal transport mode in Ireland yet. During the current pandemic electric scooters offer a healthier and safer transport option than shared public transport.

Hiring a Zeus scooter is simply a matter of downloading the relevant Zeus Scooter app their website for more info.