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It seems there might be a Lumia 1020 successor after all

Cast your mind back a few months, I wrote this article here where I basically questioned what was going on with the Microsoft and the successor to the Lumia 1020. Well over the weekend things have changed, some leaked images show what looks like a metallic new

Windows Phone 8.1 – A comment

The much anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 is due in April, however Microsoft have released the SDK to some developers with the disclaimer the some of the items listed in the MUI, from which a list of function have been extracted, might not make it to the final

Wow that’s a lot of tiles you’ve got there Nokia Bandit

Bandit is the codename for the rumoured huge 6″ phablet from Nokia. Evleaks has posted an image that is apparently a screenshot from the Bandit. Total information overload, we can tell that the Bandit will be on the next major update to Windows Phone 8 which is

It seems that Oppo are going to make a Windows Phone at some point

Oppo are a little known Chinese Android handset manufacturer that we’ve recently become smitten with, via the reseller Oppo Style eager Europeans have been able to purchase the Find 5 which Ronnie reviewed here. But something interesting has occurred on Sina Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter),

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is nearly upon us

It is very nearly time for the Nokia Lumia 1020 to rear its head and end all of the rumours. On Thursday in New York Nokia will unveil their next Windows Phone flagship and in true 2013 style pretty much all of the details have already leaked

So how would I make the HTC One better?

Install Windows Phone 8 on it of course. Before you all get cross I’m kidding here, yes I’d like a Windows Phone version of the HTC One but I doubt it would be better. Neowin have been tipped off by a source that HTC is currently working

Pictures of the elusive Aluminium Nokia Lumia have appeared online

For a while now rumours have been floating around the internet about the next generation of Nokia Lumia phones. The main discussion has been surrounding the high-end. To give the flagship a more premium feel Nokia have been said to be making it from Aluminium. It is

Nokia patent application shows what might one day be a real thing

A Nokia Lumia tablet has been something that a lot of people have wanted to see for quite a while. It is something that I feel might improve Nokias financial situation. A patent application has appeared online showing what Nokia have dreamt up as a possible tablet

HTC are rumoured to be working on Windows RT devices

HTC are in a dark place at the moment and they’re obviously looking for new product ranges to sell. Their recent move into the phablet arena is an example of this. Bloomberg have reported that HTC are working on two tablets, a 12″ one and most interestingly

Microsoft testing their own Smartphone?

If you follow what Microsoft is up to, you might have heard that they are potentially testing their own smartphone hardware. No one knows for sure if the rumours are true and we doubt very much the device would make an appearance anytime soon with some Windows

Nexus 7 Storage Size Steps Up?

There’s been rumblings of a new Nexus 7 showing up on the interwebs recently. Currently the only two models available are 8Gb and 16Gb models, but Droid Life managed to grab a screen shot from the Carphone Warehouse inventory system which displayed a forthcoming 32Gb option. The

Opinion piece: Switching from Lumia

First off, the facts. I have a Nokia Lumia 800 as my current phone and I love it, it does everything I need it to do. Not only well but it looks good too, I have converted half my friends and family over to Windows Phone. The

Evidence of a Microsoft Phone ‘Surfaces’

With Windows Phone 8 just around the corner and Microsoft’s Surface tablet getting quite a lot of press I thought I’d see if I could sniff out any scent of a Microsoft built Windows Phone or a ‘surface phone’. There’s no reason for them not to and if

Nokia gets caught faking advert for the Lumia 920

So you’ve seen the coverage of the Nokia 920.. you’ve seen the details of the new hardware, the fancy screen, new dual core processor and the improved camera. Unfortunately it seems Nokia’s own advert for a key feature, OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) was faked, or at least

New Nokia Windows Phones coming in September?

Rumours are doing the rounds that Nokia may be about to launch not one but two new Windows Phone 8 devices in the month of September. The handsets are rumoured to be the Lumia 910 and 920 and will have multi core processors and high resolution screens,

Rumour: Other Carriers to get the Nokia Lumia 900 Mid 2012?

If you have been watching the news from CES you’ll have noticed that the Nokia Lumia 900 was getting a fair amount of interest. The problem with this is its exclusivity to AT&T. Currently there’s been no announcements from either Microsoft or Nokia on if / when

Skype finally coming to Windows Phone?

Last year Microsoft announced that their recently acquired business Skype, would soon be releasing a WP version of its video software. This was followed by a complete lack of updates and the usual shouting from users (don’t mention the lack of front facing Cameras on the first

SMS bug / attack reboots your Windows Phone, disables messaging hub!

Rumours (and video evidence) are popping up all around the internet regarding an issue in the Mango flavour of our beloved Windows Phone 7 handsets. Users could experience a denial-of-service to their text messages. The issue can be triggered by messages received from Facebook chat or Windows Live Messenger