Nokia patent application shows what might one day be a real thing

Nokia patent application shows what might one day be a real thing
A Nokia Lumia tablet has been something that a lot of people have wanted to see for quite a while. It is something that I feel might improve Nokias financial situation.

A patent application has appeared online showing what Nokia have dreamt up as a possible tablet and keyboard combination.
Nokia patent application shows what might one day be a real thing

Nokia patent application shows what might one day be a real thing
No doubt at some point Nokia will branch out, whether it will be Windows RT, Windows 8, Windows Blue or just a big Windows Phone 8 phablet we don’t know. This patent apparently dates back to 2011 so they’ve obviously been thinking about it for a while.

What would it take for you to buy a Nokia tablet then? No prizes for saying “Android” either.

Source – unwired view

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  • Anonymous

    I am not convinced that they could make a lot of impact, how ever good this is. Windows tablets aren’t really doing too well at the moment, and I don’t see that situation improving dramatically.

    I don’t think people are ready to replace their laptops with Tablets, I think that’s one of the main issues. They are still too awkward to use to do any real work. The idea that you can slap some sort of a flexible keyboard on a tablet and it suddenly takes over from whatever you used before is not reality. RT, even if it’s good, I don’t think fills in enough gaps to be practical. Full Windows 8 tablets appear to be flawed and awkward – I haven’t tried one, that’s just the impression I get from most of the folks I know (and from blogs etc) who have.

    Now, I’m sure this situation will improve over time, but it’s very difficult to know where things are going at the moment. If I were to buy a new primary work device (i.e. laptop or a laptop replacement device), I’d find it hard to choose. Not because there’s so much to choose from, but because nothing seems to quite fit what I need.

    Laptops mostly come with Windows 8 now, which I detest. I begrudge having no choice but to support Microsoft when I buy a new device. I do not want part of the money I pay for a piece of hardware to go to Microsoft because that’s what the OEM chooses to put on it. Especially if I’m going to wipe it off and put Linux on instead. Very annoying.

    Then there’s Chromebooks. I do not see the point of these really. I’ve tried it, didn’t like it. Maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance, but I certainly feel that it wouldn’t do what I want. Very expensive too.

    Then there’s your Apple Macbooks. They are nice devices, and they would do what I wanted them to. But they are too expensive. Much, much too expensive. And I don’t like the way Apple love to control everything, and the way they operate generally.

    Doesn’t really leave you with much, does it. I realise not everybody has such a problem with MS, not to mention their horrible OS, but I’m a very heavy user, and I find too much of their stuff problematic – the OS gets in the way of what I want to do more often than not.

    • patrick

      i loved my P100i christ that was a good small phone ..

    • Martin

      I love my Transformer Prime, at the end of the day it is just a toy for me. Don’t think it would (or another tablet, for me) ever work as a serious work tool.
      I’m a telecom engineer and have to log onto customers equipment to perform maintenance and upgrades and the like. I have putty like apps that would allow me to work on their systems, trouble is I need VPN access and my work will not build it for Android. Plus…..the lack of true multi tasking is a real killer. I’m working from home this week. I run a Windows 7 Dell lappy that is docked and dual screened with an LCD. I’ve currently got about 14 windows open including 6 putty sessions. I have my putty sessions open in one screen and my task docs / instructions in the other. I can’t ever see me being able to do that with a tablet :( Would be great though!
      Also….for working you need screen real estate, my laptop is 15″, my LCD is 23″. I couldn’t see myself working on just a 10″ tablet screen.
      These fancy schmacy ultrabooks are all well and good but they are a bit….. ‘style over function’. They cost far too much, give me an ugly chunky lappy with the same power for half the price and I’ll be happy, just as long as it’s got a 1080p screen or better.