SMS bug / attack reboots your Windows Phone, disables messaging hub!

Rumours (and video evidence) are popping up all around the internet regarding an issue in the Mango flavour of our beloved Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Users could experience a denial-of-service to their text messages. The issue can be triggered by messages received from Facebook chat or Windows Live Messenger and appears to be device agnostic, affecting the current 7740 build of Mango and the RTM build 7720. The only way to fix the Messaging Hub is to wipe and restore the device!!

However, don’t panic, not everyone has the tenacity to do this. Ryan (@ryanlowdermilk) mentions in his recent twitter message that…

“Wow. This bug requires A LOT of characters. I would be rather surprised if anyone else figures it out.”

No comment from Microsoft yet, but no doubt if this SMS info were to be made public anytime soon then MS will certainly be looking to patch their OS quickly!

Tom Warren over at WinRumors demonstrates…

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Link – SMS Demo