Evidence of a Microsoft Phone ‘Surfaces’

With Windows Phone 8 just around the corner and Microsoft’s Surface tablet getting quite a lot of press I thought I’d see if I could sniff out any scent of a Microsoft built Windows Phone or a ‘surface phone’. There’s no reason for them not to and if Microsoft is expanding into mobile hardware market why not go the whole nine yards.

There is some solid evidence to suggest that they have been testing such a device with benchmark tests that include a surface phone popping up all over the web and even on the  WP Bench app for Windows Phone. Is this enough evidence to suggest that their will be a surface phone or is the announcement of a Surface tablet enough evidence already? Windows Phone is the only mobile OS whose manufacturer doesn’t have a handset on the market, and it’s not like Microsoft are shy about competeing with OEMs. I would love to see  a surface phone hit the market and heat up the Windows competition.

Tell us what you think below.