Wow that’s a lot of tiles you’ve got there Nokia Bandit

Bandit is the codename for the rumoured huge 6″ phablet from Nokia. Evleaks has posted an image that is apparently a screenshot from the Bandit.

Wow thats a lot of tiles youve got there Nokia Bandit

Total information overload, we can tell that the Bandit will be on the next major update to Windows Phone 8 which is rumoured to add extra columns to the start screen. GDR3 is also meant to add support for Quad core CPUs and 1080p screens.

The Nokia Bandit could be a very interesting device. Knowing Nokia I doubt we’ll have to wait long before we get to see this.

Source – Evleaks

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  • Martin

    Ömg that is totally over the top. For the OCD like users who love an uncluttered homescreen this will cause apoplexy!

  • Catherine Emma Ellis

    Wow, that looks terribly cluttered!

  • That would give me a headache!