New Nokia Windows Phones coming in September?

New Nokia Windows Phones coming in September?

Rumours are doing the rounds that Nokia may be about to launch not one but two new Windows Phone 8 devices in the month of September.

The handsets are rumoured to be the Lumia 910 and 920 and will have multi core processors and high resolution screens, as well as the possibility of PureView camera technology. Along with all the enhancements that come with Windows Phone 8 these could be very intriguing devices. 

Nokia World this year takes place on the 5th & 6th of September, which has already been brought forward as it was originally due to be held at the end of the month. The event is different this year as it is expected to be more low key and mainly focused around carriers and retail partners.

What do you think? Could you be tempted by Windows Phone 8 on a new Lumia device? 

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  • mpw

    Certainly. WP8 looks a big step forward and one that, if it lives up to hype, could make it the player many people are looking for. If this is so and combined with improved, innovative hardware as well as Nokia’e ever improving software then I think it’s worth a detailed look. Is this really the time for Windows Phone as an o/s and can Nokia launch the killer phone?

  • Dale Wilks

    I think ‘Windows Phone’ will exist anymore – Windows 8 is an hybrid OS, and apps based on the same code base will run on different devices. This is what iI know.

    • Murph

      All the indications (from a developer point of view) are that Windows Phone will continue to exist – there are enough differences between the platforms and in the requirements for applications to make this the case.
      That said, the basis for code will be WinRT so I’d expect apps to appear on both platforms where appropriate because the effort required by devs to target both (with vast amounts of common code) should be minimal

  • ShriYakti

    My Lumia 900 didn’t last long before it bricked – so I’m not holding my breath