Opinion piece: Switching from Lumia

First off, the facts. I have a Nokia Lumia 800 as my current phone and I love it, it does everything I need it to do. Not only well but it looks good too, I have converted half my friends and family over to Windows Phone.

The first strike came when it was announced that I would not be getting Windows Phone 8. The 7.8 update is enough to tie me over to my upgrade or at the very least, into early next year. Microsoft have made the effort to bring me some features without slowing down my phone (I hope) and the bottom line is, they didn’t have to. With Nokia’s recent event (if you missed it jump to our homepage after) and the “SwitchingToLumia” hashtag floating round twitter, I feel as though as a Lumia owner I’ve been written off. Nokia have used Windows Phone 8 and a fresh start, who can blame them, they are up a certain creek and oh so paddleless. Nothing was stopping them releasing this hardware earlier or just waiting to release a Windows Phone.

The launch of the original Lumia range caught me at the right time. I needed a new phone and hadn’t had a Windows Phone but it seems as though all I got was a cleaned up prototype and an expensive marketing campaign. I trusted Nokia and didn’t expect┬áthis at all. It’s not that I’m not happy with what they announced because I probably would have grabbed a 920 at the first opportunity, now I’m just crossing my fingers for Surface Phone.Opinion piece: Switching from Lumia

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  • Anonymous

    Quote: “I have a Nokia Lumia 800 as my current phone and I love it, it does everything I need it to do. Not only well but it looks good too.”
    So you are complaining that you have a great phone? Strange piece. It’s kinda like saying, I bought a lambourghini, I love it, but the next model has 2 extra cylinders and they won’t upgrade my model… hmmm.
    So what will you swap to? If you had an iPhone you won’t be getting most of the new features when each new OS is out, if you had an Android you’ll wait ~2 years for the newest version of the OS to come to the phone… If you had a BlackBerry you would have stayed up to date all this time :)
    Keep swapping.

  • jmb

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 of the first generation and I don’t see any upgrade plan to Android 4.x comming. I don’t see the pen management coming to my Galaxy Tab bought last January. and nothing new.
    You are not so bad with the Nokia Lumia 800. You will get new features soon.

    lucky guy.

  • I agree this didn’t seem make much sense to me either. They’re going to update it when they didn’t have to you say but then you feel like they’ve abandoned you? I think MS are doing it right – Apple might release iOS6 for all their devices but the devices will still run alot slower. If MS can bring the features that will run in 7.8 without slowing the existing phones down it will be a win. And its going to be a while until the market place has dedicated wp8 apps, so carry on enjoying your phone and dont worry about it.