Opinion piece: Switching from Lumia

First off, the facts. I have a Nokia Lumia 800 as my current phone and I love it, it does everything I need it to do. Not only well but it looks good too, I have converted half my friends and family over to Windows Phone.

The first strike came when it was announced that I would not be getting Windows Phone 8. The 7.8 update is enough to tie me over to my upgrade or at the very least, into early next year. Microsoft have made the effort to bring me some features without slowing down my phone (I hope) and the bottom line is, they didn’t have to. With Nokia’s recent event (if you missed it jump to our homepage after) and the “SwitchingToLumia” hashtag floating round twitter, I feel as though as a Lumia owner I’ve been written off. Nokia have used Windows Phone 8 and a fresh start, who can blame them, they are up a certain creek and oh so paddleless. Nothing was stopping them releasing this hardware earlier or just waiting to release a Windows Phone.

The launch of the original Lumia range caught me at the right time. I needed a new phone and hadn’t had a Windows Phone but it seems as though all I got was a cleaned up prototype and an expensive marketing campaign. I trusted Nokia and didn’t expect this at all. It’s not that I’m not happy with what they announced because I probably would have grabbed a 920 at the first opportunity, now I’m just crossing my fingers for Surface Phone.