Microsoft testing their own Smartphone?

Microsoft testing their own Smartphone?

If you follow what Microsoft is up to, you might have heard that they are potentially testing their own smartphone hardware.

No one knows for sure if the rumours are true and we doubt very much the device would make an appearance anytime soon with some Windows Phone devices already coming to the market.

Is this a backup plan? With Windows Phone 7 struggling to really hit it off could Microsoft be holding the key to a successful Windows Phone 8 device should ones like the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X fail?

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it – do Microsoft really think that them releasing a device with their OS on it will do any better than anybody else releasing one? I think that’s them thinking that their ‘great brand’ will do them some favours. Well, news flash Microsoft, your brand doesn’t count for squat. Nobody cares about you any more. You are just a big fat useless company that makes bloated, overpriced software.

    • Raygun

      You are a %@”! idiot.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for that insight – witty and articulate as per usual. And you ‘love’ Microsoft because….?

        Disregarding your well thought out comment for a moment, surely most people believe MS to be pretty out of touch these days? They are the embodiment of corporate America in the most negative of ways. They are monopolistic, uninspiring, no longer innovative, and the guy who runs the company is about as out-of-touch with tech as you get. Apple exhibit many of these traits also, except they are on the top of the pile right at the moment. Doesn’t make either of them good or positive for technology as a whole.

        Ironically, both of their business models are based on out-dated economic concepts which I see being slowly eroded by the advancement of technology. Their main insurance against this is to have as big a pile of cash in the bank as they can possibly muster. But when all is said and done, an organisation is worthless unless the people who work under it believe in its purpose. Microsoft, as I see it, does not have a purpose for being at the moment, and it is unwilling to change itself to conform to the changing tides of the way we work as a civilisation; using its money and power to stay exactly the same.

        We accept it now because it is still, unfortunately, the norm. But things are changing.

  • Trevor

    I’m taking the gamble and waiting – none of the WP8 devices are doing it for me. I was hoping the Samsung was premium, but turns out to be plastic backed and lacks LTE too. :-( If the renders of a surface phone are close (however imaginary they were) and the materials used are the same as the tablets the MS phone will suit me. I’m dull and grey too, but professional and business-like in appearance. ;-)