Nokia gets caught faking advert for the Lumia 920

So you’ve seen the coverage of the Nokia 920.. you’ve seen the details of the new hardware, the fancy screen, new dual core processor and the improved camera.

Unfortunately it seems Nokia’s own advert for a key feature, OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) was faked, or at least unfairly enhanced.

During the video, which implies the video is being filmed on the Nokia 920,  in a reflection there is clearly some sort of filming rig, rather than someone holding a mobile phone. Watch below, 28 seconds in….

How on earth this got past the PR department is beyond me, particularly after the disappointment of the camera not being the same PureView device we saw previously in the Nokia 808. Not what Nokia needs right now, that’s for sure.

Ultimately, it may not matter. the camera on the 920 may be excellent, but potential customers will no doubt will see this is an attempt to pull the wool over their eyes.

Nokia gets caught faking advert for the Lumia 920

UPDATE – Nokia have now contacted TheVerge and admitted the adverts were not shot using a 920, they were merely intended to demonstrate the benefits of OIS.

How about backing that up with some real world examples from the 920 then, Nokia?

Link – TheVerge