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Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed now available for nothing

Love Sonic? Interested in playing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed but don’t want to pay? Hey, your luck is in my friend. The game is now free, and that’s across all platforms – iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and via Google Play on Android. It’s an exciting and

WWDC 2014, Keep June 2nd Free

It’s that time of the year again when Apple set their date for WWDC and we are inundated with ideas of what might be released this year. Will it be the Ipad 12, Iphone 26S, Mac OS 134.23.  Okay they are a bit over exaggerated but we

Exclusivity agreements blocking you from getting that latest game

Just recently the new version of Cut The Rope arrived on Android. Trouble is,  it’d been released months before on iOS. Watching an app or game being used by your mates which you can’t download is difficult and, according to the Wall Street Journal,  it’s due in

Don’t worry, Sky Go and Now TV is back!

A couple of days ago BBC iPlayer, Sky Go and NOW TV packed up for iOS users. The reason behind this seems a little mysterious, with a temporary work-around involving setting the date back a day, but that’d cause other issues trying to get onto the App

CoPilot on test

So just to set my stall out, pre-Lumia and “Here”, I used CoPilot. It was one of the most feature-packed and reasonably-priced navigation products for Windows Mobile at the time. So here we are on a new platform – Windows Phone. It’s the same product and of

Monitor your car from your phone with Carlock

I’m sure there’s some of you out there who know exactly where the diagnostic port on your car is. That OBD connector might’ve been used by yourself with one of those cables you bought off eBay (and that “iffy software” that “fell off the internet”) or the

I’m a special effects MASTER!

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to the latest phone launches and see some pretty smart innovations lately. Camera technology on the latest high-end smartphones is getting better all the time, but inside there’s some clever software tweaks that are doing some pretty amazing things. As a

iOS 7.1 Released

After what seems like forever in testing, iOS 7 was today pushed to iPhones, iPods and iPads around the world. I’ve posted a full changelog as a GitHub Gist here, but here are some of the key changes. iOS 7.1 integrates CarPlay, the AirPlay equivalent for motorists

The next Angry Birds game teased

Seriously, I’m really going to struggle to stretch this post out to any more than two paragraphs. It’s a teaser video for the next big Angry Birds game from Rovio. All we know is what is revealed here, which is the fact that it… A) Involves Angry

New Lenovo tricks in action

During our time with Lenovo last week we got chance to have a look at a couple of software additions that you’ll find on their new handsets. The first is SHAREit – which is an app you can download on iPhone and Android. It’s an incredibly simple

FlightRadar24 – Be a clever plane spotter

Waiting for a friend or loved one to return from holiday or a business trip, you’ll no doubt have checked the flight arrivals page on the airport website. However, with FlightRadar24 you can go one further and, with the paid-for version, you get some very clever augmented-reality

The Flappy Bird saga. Why remove it?

Where do I start really? This is a game that got people talking. Sure, it didn’t always gain positive comments, but it lit the social media candle and soon turned into a bonfire. It’s become the most popular app so far this year, but has now been

O2 Match day App Review

During this time of year we all like to snuggle down into our slankets and watch 30 overgrown men (I use the term in the loosest possibe sense) beat each other up on a grassy pitch at the weekend. No I am not talking about a trip to

More ways to watch TV on your device

Available for both iOS and Android, “TV Player” is competing directly with the CatchupTV app we’ve covered here previously. As with most streaming apps, the data usage when you’re not hooked into a WiFi hotspot can get a little high, so be careful if you’re not on

Take a stroll around Leicester as it was in 210 AD

I’m getting to know you quite well dear reader. I’m thinking that you’re the sort of person who’d love to take a 3D interactive journey through a virtual reconstruction of Roman Leicester. I’m right aren’t I? Oh yes. Well, your luck is in my friend. De Montfort

Flappy Bird – Is anger the key to success?

To be honest I was in two minds about whether to post this on my personal blog or here. Somehow it’s ended up here. It’s because I have a problem with FlappyBird. I know, I know. You’re all mentally swearing at the screen right now. I’ve played

Facebook Paper app launch for iOS in US

Facebook have launched a new app for their social network today – Facebook Paper. This is a new app, but not an entirely new service – more a reimagining of the Facebook news feed. There have already been some great 3rd apps that have taken the basic

Golfers to enjoy a full guide to Tenerife

With mainstream news getting more and more insane each day, I spent most of yesterday with my head in a bucket wearing nothing more than a kilt. Justin Bieber? On Radio 4? Are you all mental? Then some gleeful news-reader is telling me that January is /

Swiftkey for iOS – Sort of

Many Android users are very familiar with Swiftkey’s excellent replacement keyboard, which is one of the best on Android. However, Apple are far more restrictive on custom keyboards – as in you can’t replace the keyboard, only make some enhancements in individual apps. This has obviously been vexing