Best coding games to improve your skills in programming

The field of programming is among the top-rated careers globally. The demand for programmers in IT tech-related companies keeps growing every other day. Since technology keeps on advancing, the need for professional developers to keep increasing as well. This implies that the competition is stiff, and for any developer to stay ahead of the game, you must keep learning new ideas related to technology. Being an expert developer isn’t enough, you need to keep on researching especially on trending ideas such as programming video games.

There are unlimited ways of how you can gain useful information related to programming. In today’s era, a lot of activities take place on online platforms. There are videos that can guide you step-by-step; there are textbooks, whether soft copy or hard copy, and above all, you can earn from different guides available online. With all the resources available, there is nothing hard. Even programming video games, which most people love, can be a walk in the park if you are dedicated to learning.

One aspect of learning computers is that you must have the motivation, urge, and continuous practice to learn new ideas. And within no time, you will realize you can do more than you ever imagined. But then, did you know that coding games play a vital role in improving your programming skills? Well, let us analyze some of the coding games below, and in the end, you will see some sense in it.

  • CodeGym

If you need to learn to program with Java, then CodeGym is the game you need. It is a game played on an online platform. You will love the idea of learning more about Java in a fun way. You do not need to pay for a subscription fee; the game is available for free.

When playing, you have a virtual teacher who verifies your learning then gives you instant results. Whenever to be stuck, the virtual teacher gives you directions and guidelines until you get the answer.


  • It is suitable for any beginner because the users don’t need to be experts in Java
  • You will learn Java from the start.
  • Whenever stuck, CodeGym offers ideas until you get a solution
  • There are lots of guidelines offered to learn quickly.
  • You will not only learn Java for CodeGym only but also other uses.
  • It is more of a learning course than just a game.
  • It has many puzzles you can try, an idea that sharpens your brains.


  • CodeGym is not well-optimized for mobile devices
  • You must have extra materials to learn Java


  • Shenzhen I/O

This game guides upcoming engineers on the process of building circuits and writing assembly code relating to the given instructions.


  • The game provides adequate skills that are not only applicable to IT but other fields as well.
  • The game offers detailed guidelines on the code information
  • It is the best choice for anyone willing to learn programming in older ways.


  • The game is generally hard
  • There is no user manual for the game, which implies that it can be hard to solve


  • Robocode

Robocode uses Java or .NET. You control the tank fighting against others while you learn how to write the code.


  • The game is addictive, and this means that the more you play, the more you become an expert.
  • Robocode is an open-source game, which means you can modify it as much as you like.
  • It is easy to learn because there are lots of guidelines and tutorials explaining the entire process.
  • It is open to use a variety of programming languages; thus, you can learn many skills at a go.
  • You must write the real code using either C# or Java. In the end, you learn practical programming.


  • It is a simple game, thus, no amazing designs and interface
  • It isn’t easy to uninstall the game from your desktop


  • CodeMonkey

The game is played on an online platform, targeting middle and elementary students who don’t have knowledge coding. This means the game is the best option for any beginner in programming out there.


  • It is the best option for students who are passionate about programming.
  • Useful for students with zero knowledge in coding.
  • Enhances quick learning of Java
  • It is the best way to improve skills on how to solve problems.


  • Not appropriate for remote students
  • The game needs technical help


  • Flexbox Froggy

The game is specified for anyone who wants to learn CSS code. While playing, you must ensure Froggy is home through understanding the layout module of CSS Flexbox.


  • Any beginner can play and learn well


  • Only beginners can enjoy the game because of its simplicity.


  • CodeCombat


  • This is an online game that has puzzles. For you to solve the problem, you must write a JavaScript code. Here you will learn CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, and HTML basics.
  • Advantages
  • There are different levels of puzzles; you can begin with the simple ones as you advance.
  • Explains the basics of JavaScript to beginners.
  • The game is enjoyable


  • It is limited to JavaScript basic concepts. Not ideal if you already know the basics of Java.


There is no better way to learn a concept by doing what you love, playing the game. Playing games are among the ways to sharpen the brains to think quickly. Programming is one of the fields that require more learning to understand the concept better. So, find the best games and keep learning as many programming languages and coding concepts as much as possible.